Cute Press-On Nails Under $30

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Is it just us, or is a manicure from the nail salon feeling really, really expensive these days?

If you’re trying to stick to a budget, your bi-weekly trips to the nail salon may be one of the first things to go. But that doesn’t mean you have to ditch your manicure entirely!

Stop spending $60 on gel polish or even twice that on acrylic nails and nail extensions. Our shopping experts have found press-on nails for $30 and under, and they’re actually really cute.

Unlike spending time in an expensive salon, at-home press-on nails take just minutes to apply and look just as good as, say, gel extension nails.

You can be your own nail tech with press-ons. As the moniker “press-on” implies, you apply the artificial nail by pressing it onto your natural nail, adhering it to the nail bed with nail glue or adhesive tabs.

You get to choose the nail shape and size, the color, and the nail designs, including fun nail art. We’ve even found press-on nails that mimic the look of your natural nail, plus options for both short and long nails.

Shop press-on nails that cost less than a salon manicure

Be your own nail technician! Salon services are costly, and regular nail polish chips in, like, two days. Shop must-see $30-and-under press-on nails below.

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