Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 1-22-24: Will Kristen Ruin Things After Brady and Theresa’s Intimate Moment?


Brady’s always been a hopeless romantic. Every woman is “the one,” and he never hesitates to jump into bed if his partner’s willing.

He’s as addicted to his dreams of true love as he is to cocaine and alcohol.

Unsurprisingly, Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 1-22-24  have him and Theresa sharing a moment even though he didn’t think going there was a good idea. But will Kristen make this love triangle even worse than he expects?

Theresa and Brady are both vulnerable. Tate’s been sent to a lockdown rehab facility rather than jail; they aren’t convinced of his innocence, they can’t see him for 30 days, and they’re blaming themselves for his predicament because they’re both addicts.

And Alex has already walked in on them locking lips, so that’s no surprise — the only question is what happens from here.

Spoilers say a shocked Alex asks Theresa whether she wants to be with Brady. But Theresa has other things going on that’ll make it difficult.

She’s wracked with guilt over forging the paternity letter that was in Victor’s things, but walking away from Alex now could make that more complicated. If Konstantin spills the beans when she finally gets the man of her dreams, she’d be even less willing to risk a breakup for the sake of drama.

If she gets back with Brady, she’s giving Konstantin a hell of a card to play. Not only does she have deeper, longer-lasting feelings for the ex-husband she’s ruined things with too many times before, but Brady is less likely to be forgiving when the truth comes out.

There’s also the Kristen factor to contend with, and now that Kristen has custody of Rachel, she has exactly what she needs to force Brady’s hand however she’d like.

Kristen’s relationship with EJ already gives her outsized power regarding Brady. She could offer to get her brother to drop the case against Tate so that he can come home… but only if Brady reconciles with her.

That’s Kristen’s standard MO; shockingly, she hasn’t tried it yet. She also has another card: Brady’s relationship with Rachel.

Brady’s never been the best TV dad to Rachel. He’s failed to discipline her, ever, because he feels terrible that Kristen spent so much time in jail when Rachel was little, and he lost custody because of stooping to Kristen’s level with stupid schemes to keep mother and daughter apart.

But now, if he wants any relationship with Rachel — and for Kristen not to poison the little girl’s mind against him — he has to do what she wants. And if she wants him to dump Theresa and reunite with her, he may feel the same way he did when Kristen used Marlena’s life to break him and Chloe up.

Please scroll down for all eight Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 1-22-24.

.Alex catches Theresa and Brady locking lips — who will she choose to be with?

After he gets over his shock, Alex will want to know where he stands.

Theresa probably doesn’t know. She’s first coming down of ecstasy, and as her mind clears, her despair over Tate’s incarceration and guilt over relapsing will overwhelm her.

The last thing she wants is to lose Alex, but their relationship has been falling apart since the Tate thing began. And sex with Brady is as comforting as drugs, so she may turn to him — but what happens to her scheme with Konstantin if she does?

Eric apologizes to Marlena on Sloan’s behalf.

Marlena will probably be warmer and more understanding with Eric than at that dinner party. But, she is in a weird position because of her professional obligations as a mental health provider.

She knows Eric has feelings for Nicole, and Nicole has feelings for Eric but can’t say anything.

Still, Marlena prefers Nicole to Sloan for her son and is probably worried that Sloan’s alcohol misuse will tempt Eric to relapse, too. So whether or not she accepts this apology, she’ll likely push him back toward Nicole even though Nicole is married to someone else.

Ava turns to Stephanie for PR help while Everett pushes Chad to stop protecting Stefan.

Stephanie and Everett will be on opposite sides of the drug ring story. This might make both of these characters a bit more interesting.

While some fans have speculated that Everett might be secretly involved with the drug ring, so far, he’s dedicated to getting the story and exposing the dealers to all of Salem.

He’s so devoted to this cause that he’ll threaten to resign if Chad doesn’t give up protecting Stefan. (Whether Chad knows anything he’s not saying is still an open question.)

But if Stephanie’s doing PR to help Ava salvage the Bistro’s reputation after the failed raid, she could unwittingly get in Everett’s way. And if she defends Chad, that’ll devastate Everett since he thought he had a chance with her now.

Brady finally sees his daughter and Kristen while Theresa considers leaving town.

Any time Kristen Dimera pops up in spoilers, it’s bad news, especially when she shares scenes with Brady.

The only time she’s not causing trouble is when she’s flirting with Lani — when will Days of Our Lives let her be an openly bisexual character instead of pretending they’re just friends?

Brady should be glad to finally spend time with his daughter, but Kristen’s sure to throw a diabolical monkey wrench into the equation that will ruin everything.

Paulina gets support from Chanel and Johnny after a devastating diagnosis.

It’s unclear from the spoilers whether Paulina has cancer or is simply panicking about the possibility. But most likely, she gets terrible news — otherwise, there’d be little point to this story.

Chanel and Johnny help cheer her up, and they have just the thing: the news of their engagement.

Hopefully, Paulina’s illness won’t interfere with her ability to participate in the wedding. That would be even worse than her attempts to take over the planning, which we all know are coming!

Harris tries again to get a confession out of Ava.

How many times will Harris encourage Ava to tell him the truth? And how on Earth does that visit with Clyde play into this?

Is Harris the dirty cop who is secretly working with Clyde? It would be the kind of ironic thing that only happens in Salem if he and Ava were keeping the same secret from each other, but it would still be an awful twist.

I prefer good-guy Harris trying to protect the woman he loves while busting the drug ring. Besides, we need more competent cops on the force; Jada can’t be the only one with a brain.

Jada tells Stephanie about her two-timing ex, but will Stephanie connect the dots?

Please let Jada and Everett run into each other! It’s irritating that they keep walking off just when they’re about to come face-to-face.

At least we’ll get a bit more of Jada’s backstory. According to the spoiler video, she tells Stephanie that her ex was a two-timing cheater.

Could Everett have been engaged to two women at once, making excuses for leaving town whenever he wanted to stay with his other partner? Or is something more sinister going on?

Now that they live together, how far will Sarah and Xander go?

Sarah and Xander kiss.

This predictable soap opera trope was bound to happen sooner or later. Xander did the same thing with Chloe not long ago, after all.

But will they take it further, or will they defy expectations and hold off on jumping into bed?

It would be refreshing if they took things slowly, but does anyone in Salem ever do that?

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics.

What do you think Theresa will decide? How will Kristen mess with Brady? And do you want Sarah and Xander to take it slow or make love already?

Hit the big, blue SHOW COMMENTS button and let us know!

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