Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 1-01-24: An Unhappy New Year for Tate and Holly’s Families


2016 was one of Nicole’s most heartbreaking New Year’s after Daniel died in a drunk driving accident. But will this year be even worse?

Holly ended the year collapsing after a drug overdose, only a few months after Nicole was told her baby had passed away.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 1-01-24 have Nicole and EJ rushing to the hospital, where they’re told Holly’s chances are not good. How much more can Nicole take?

This story is all too realistic, with far too many Americans dying of opioid overdoses, including some whose pills were laced with fentanyl. But even the thought of losing her beloved daughter could send Nicole over the edge.

After a session with Marlena, Nicole decided to focus on how grateful she was for the daughter she had, and now Holly’s life could slip through her fingers, too.

There’s no way she’ll be able to function if Holly dies, and even the thought of it will be so devastating that Nicole will barely be able to hold on.

EJ wants to be there for her, but in this case, that could mean using his position as District Attorney to exact vengeance rather than justice.

According to spoilers, EJ wants to throw the book at Tate, who is blamed for Holly getting her hands on tainted drugs.

Talk about injustice! Tate tried to talk Holly out of using, told her that he would never touch the stuff because of his parents’ addiction histories, and saved her life when he found her in the alley (assuming she survives.)

It’s doubly bad news because EJ likely knows the source of the drugs. Stefan stupidly tried to get him on board with a plan to get rid of Clyde so that he wouldn’t have to do Clyde’s dirty work.

Even if EJ sincerely believes that Tate gave Holly the tainted drugs, which I doubt, he should also be going after the suppliers. Will the Days of Our Lives trope of Dimera family loyalty win out despite his feud with Stefan?

The situation isn’t helped by Brady claiming the drugs were his to protect Tate, only for Tate to tell the cops what they want to hear so he can defend Brady. What a mess these two have left to be untangled!

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Rafe gives Nicole distressing news about Holly’s condition.

Ari Zucker and Galen Gering will rock these heartbreaking scenes. But will Rafe and Nicole’s history come up?

It shouldn’t. Rafe is doing his job amid a crisis.

But considering they were best friends before their attempt at more blew up in their faces, there are bound to be residual feelings that could add to the drama.

Paulina and Abe spend New Year’s Eve together, but something goes wrong.

According to spoilers, Abe struggles with intimacy during what should have been a special night.

It’s not surprising. He can’t remember his life with Paulina, and they’re trying to rebuild their relationship. All of that’s in the way.

Paulina will be extra emotional because of her cancer scare, so she probably won’t take this well. Please tell us this couple isn’t about to split for the sake of drama.

EJ is determined to throw the book at Tate despite his suspicions that Stefan is involved in Holly’s overdose.

As mentioned above, EJ is hungry for revenge. In his mind, protecting his wife and stepdaughter means going hard after the boy who allegedly had drugs on him.

It’s time for Tate to stop protecting Holly and tell everyone the truth: she said she got the drugs at school, and Tate told her not to use them.

But lying for no good reason always happens in Salem, so Tate’ll dig himself a bigger hole. Hopefully, someone witnessed them arguing about the drugs and will step forward sooner rather than later.

Chad and Julie discuss loss.

Juile’s seen a lot of loss. Every Christmas, she misses her beloved grandparents, and Days of Our Lives killed her son, David, off right before Eli popped up in Salem for the first time.

Hopefully, she’s using those past losses to comfort and guide Chad.

We’d be devastated if anything happened to Doug!

Johnny and Chanel make love, but are they both ready?

Finally! Most of the time, the love scenes on Days of Our Lives are on the gratuitous side,  but fans have waited forever for these two to reunite.

After a year full of interlopers, they’re starting their new year by being together.

But is Chanel fully ready? The spoiler video indicates that she may be having second thoughts.

Tripp has disappointing news as Wendy prepares to leave for China.

Tripp probably wants to stay in Salem. Will Wendy depart for Hong Kong without him?

According to spoilers, Tripp is concerned that Ava may be involved with the drug trade.

He’s probably the doctor of record in Holly’s case, and if not, he’s seen the trail of overdose victims these drugs have left in their wake.

So he’s protective of his mom, and if he thinks she’s involved, he’ll want to get her out of the business as soon as possible.

Xander invites Sarah to move in with him.

Xarah fans have waited a long time for this.

Sarah’s been less obnoxious lately, though her judgment of Xander not knowing to have baby acetaminophen on hand was annoying.

But are they ready for this step? Or will Sarah soon learn that Xander did something or other that was shady and storm out again?

Theresa and Brady are there for their frightened son after EJ has Tate’s bail revoked.

Tate’s crisis could bring Brady and Theresa closer, especially since spoilers say Alex believes Tate supplied the drugs.

But Theresa’s other criminal activity casts a shadow over any reunion, which is a shame because Theresa was always Brady’s best pairing.

In any case, Tate is sent to an adult jail even though he’s sixteen, which will cause plenty of drama for him and his family. How long will he be stuck there before the truth comes out?

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