League of Legends Mythic shop January – what’s on sale?


What’s on sale in the League of Legends Mythic shop? New skins for LoL are released all the time, with a new event arriving on the Rift every few weeks, but what happens if you missed the boat with that awesome KD/A Evelynn skin, or if you’ve seen a Hextech skin in a game of Summoner’s and want to bag it for yourself?

The Mythic shop is a special storefront in the free PC game that stocks rare skins, wards, chromas, and essence. These cosmetic items aren’t available for real-world money, either, as they can only be purchased with Mythic Essence, so no more worrying about how much you’ve spent in League of Legends. The stock held in this store is rotated regularly, with some skins becoming unavailable for months, so it’s best to keep up to date on what’s on sale in the League of Legends Mythic store.

LoL Mythic Shop: a woman with black hair sitting on some steps with floating orbs around her.

What’s in the Mythic shop?

Here are the items currently available for purchase in the League of Legends Mythic shop:

  • Battle Academia Lux Prestige Edition – 200 Mythic Essence
  • K/DA Kai’Sa Prestige Edition – 200 Mythic Essence
  • PROJECT: Irelia Prestige Edition – 200 Mythic Essence
  • Prestige Spirit Blossom Master Yi – 125 Mythic Essence
  • Crystalis Motus Ashe + Border & Icon – 100 Mythic Essence
  • Hextech Alistar – 100 Mythic Essence
  • Hextech Malzahar – 100 Mythic Essence
  • Crystalis Motus Ward – 50 Mythic Essence
  • Faerie Court 2023 Grab Bag – 40 Mythic Essence
  • Mythic Chroma Storm Dragon Lee Sin + Icon – 40 Mythic Essence
  • Nightbringer Chroma Dawnbringer Riven + Icon – 40 Mythic Essence
  • Reclaimed Chroma Crystalis Motus Ashe + Icon – 40 Mythic Essence
  • Oops, Did I Do That? – 25 Mythic Essence
  • Random Skin Shard – 10 Mythic Essence
  • Faerie Court Mythic Essence Icon – 5 Mythic Essence
  • Inkshadow Amethyst Icon – 5 Mythic Essence
  • Mythmaker Mythic Essence Icon – 5 Mythic Essence
  • Primordial Succession Icon – 5 Mythic Essence
  • Soul Fighter Mythic Essence Icon – 5 Mythic Essence
  • Winterblessed Mythic Essence Icon – 5 Mythic Essence
  • 150 Blue Essence – 1 Mythic Essence
  • 50 Orange Essence – 1 Mythic Essence

There you have it, the current League of Legends Mythic shop offerings. If anything tickles your fancy, make sure you get in there and snag it before it disappears. If you’re looking to see who’s especially powerful right now, check out our League of Legends tier list, or if you’re new to the Rift, we have a League of Legends beginners guide to help you navigate those complex first few games.

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