Urtopia's Fusion e-bike has fully integrated ChatGPT

Urtopia has tried to separate its e-bike’s from the pack with copious use of technology and this year the company has outdone itself. It just showed off its flagship Fusion model for the first time in full at CES 2024 (after teasing it earlier this year) and it’s fully integrated with none other than ChatGPT, the buzzy AI assistant. The Fusion follows the company’s previous tech-infused Chord and original Urtopia models.

Urtopia calls the Fusion “the world’s first dual battery, dual motor ebike by design visionary Hartmut Esslinger,” a very specific claim. It’s built with carbon fiber to reduce weight and uses a Shimano CUES derailleur on the regular model and Enviolo stepless shifter on the premium CVT version. The dual 540Wh battery allows for 120km of range (75 miles), but the 360Wh battery extender brings that up to 200km (124 miles) — enough to traverse Paris from north to south about 20 times. 

Urtopia's Fusion e-bike has fully integrated ChatGPT

It can hit up to 25 km/h thanks to the 95Nm mid-drive motor and has 100mm of travel with the air suspension fork. All that, combined with the relatively light weight (23 kg) wide tires and stable frame, make it suitable for off-road, trails and city riding.  

That could be any e-bike, but the Fusion’s headline feature is the tech. It’s connected by 4G and uses GPS tracking to keep you informed of the bike’s location even if stolen. It also comes with a movement alarm, fingerprint unlock, route tracking, navigation without a cellphone and Bluetooth music via a built-in speaker — all as with past models. 

What’s new is what the company calls “Jarvis” technology enabled by a smart ring (the company didn’t say which one) to power the bike on, play music or activate the other tech feature, ChatGPT. You can also converse directly with ChatGPT through the built-in speaker. You may reasonably ask what ChatGPT is doing on an e-bike — the answer is that it can help you “explore new routes, get real-time information, and even engage in entertaining conversations,” according to Urtopia. 

We’re not sure how useful a chat assistant is when dodging traffic at 25 km/h, but it might at least keep you company on a lonely trail. It’s also a pretty solid marketing gimmick that the company is using to separate itself from the many, many other e-bikes on the market. Buyers will have to be pretty well heeled, though, as the Fusion will cost €3,999 (around $4,375) and the Fusion CVT will run a hefty €4,999 ($5,467). There’s no word yet on when it’ll go on sale or if it will come to the US. 

We’re reporting live from CES 2024 in Las Vegas from January 6-12. Keep up with all the latest news from the show here.

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