Victrola’s new Stream Sapphire turntable can stream to anything

Over the past few years, Victrola’s come back on the scene with slick turntables capable of streaming to Sonos’ wireless speakers. Now, the company is taking things a step further with the Victrola Stream Sapphire, a turntable that’s capable of streaming records to just about anything.

Announced during CES 2024, Victrola’s highest-end Works with Sonos turntable costs a whopping $1,499 and will be available in the US in the spring. That’s nearly double the price of the $800 Stream Carbon and almost a grand more than the $599 Stream Onyx, a stripped-down version of the Carbon Victrola announced at last year’s CES.

For the added price, you get something both the Stream Onyx and Stream Carbon lack: Roon and UPnP integration. As a result, you can stream records to thousands of compatible gadgets, ranging from non-Sonos Bluetooth speakers and soundbars to iOS, Android, and Windows devices like smartphones and laptops.

Victrola also amps the game up when it comes to the Stream Sapphire’s sound and build. With support for 24-bit / 48kHz lossless FLAC audio, the turntable should deliver higher-quality audio than its predecessors. It’s also built with higher-quality materials, with a wooden plinth, upgraded brushless motor, and a pricey Ortofon Blue 2M cartridge.

The Victrola Automatic is a fully automatic turntable that’ll be released this spring alongside the Stream Sapphire — but for a lot less money.
Image: Victrola

The Stream Sapphire wasn’t the only audio device Victrola announced at CES this year. The company also introduced the Victrola Automatic, a lower-priced turntable that’ll be available for $199 this spring. It’s not a Works with Sonos turntable, but it does support Bluetooth and comes with a unique “Repeat” feature that lets you continuously repeat the side of a vinyl record.

The Victrola Rock Speaker Connect is an outdoor Bluetooth landscape speaker that resembles a rock.
Image: Victrola

Victrola also introduced the Victrola Rock Speaker Connect, its first Bluetooth landscape speaker geared for outdoor use that resembles a rock. It’s capable of pairing with up to 20 speakers, can charge via a built-in solar panel and USB-C, and is supposed to last up to 22 hours. The water-resistant speaker will be available in three colors — sand, stone, and granite — sometime this winter for $99.

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