The best League of Legends champion is finally getting nerfed

League of Legends is an ever-evolving game, as developer Riot Games is constantly pushing out new balance patches that rejigger the balancing on a nearly bi-weekly basis. With patch 14.4 on the horizon, dedicated League players were hoping Twisted Fate would be getting toned down a bit. However, while one League community member spotted that the most dominant champion in the game is finally getting nerfed, it isn’t exactly the type of nerfs players were hoping to see for the card-flinging damage dealer.

If you’ve played any League of Legends solo queue recently, you’ve likely played with or against Twisted Fate. Earlier in Season 14, Riot beefed up TF’s ability to dish out attack damage in the popular MOBA. While the champion has historically been a mid-laner, able to teleport to the side lanes and keep enemies on their toes, these new buffs introduced him to the bot and top lane as a solidly consistent pick.

According to stat tracking site lolalytics, Twisted Fate has the number one win rate in mid-lane at 54.02%, as well as the third highest win rate for ADC at 54.97% and the second highest win rate for top-lane at 54.95%. As Twisted Fate has dominated solo queue for multiple patches straight, members of the game’s dedicated community of players expected a nerf to be teased for patch 14.4.


When lead gameplay designer Riot Phroxzon shared the details of patch 14.4, TF was nowhere to be seen. However, League of Legends sleuth Spideraxe later spotted that, following the 14.4 patch preview, Riot put out a nerf to him on the game’s public beta environment which is expected to be coupled into patch 14.4 by the time it hits live servers.

The nerf reads as follows: Attack speed growth reduced from 3% to 2.5%, Blue card AP ratio reduced from 115% to 100%, and E AP ratio reduced from 50% to 40%. While these changes don’t directly target his currently popular AD builds, it does hurt his damage overall and will probably bring his power level down a notch.

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