Who is Shimo? What are Her Powers?

The final stage of marketing has revealed the new Godzilla x Kong villain Shimo. But who is she and what are her powers and abilities? Here’s all you need to know.

Who is the new Godzilla x Kong villain, Shimo?

Godzilla x Kong introduces the new villain Shimo, who was previously teased in Godzilla vs. Kong. She will team up with Skar King in The New Empire to battle Kong and Godzilla.

The trailers reveal Kong getting attacked by a mystery villain after he battles Skar King on Hollow Earth. This Kaiju is none other than Shimo. She will be the secondary antagonist alongside Skar and will team up with him to take on Kong and Godzilla in the final act.

She is seemingly inspired by Anguirus from Godzilla Raids Again. Her name is based on her appearance and powers, which translates to “frost,” “white,” or “cold” in English.

The enormous reptilian Titan has a history with Godzilla, which was teased in a Hollow Earth cave that Kong ventured into in Godzilla vs. Kong. Here, the heroic ape saw a massive painting featuring Godzilla and Shimo fighting in the past. Now, The New Empire will showcase a rematch between them in live-action.

Shimo is even bigger than Godzilla in size and has dark blue and purple spikes running down her back. These frosty spikes are the reason why Godzilla’s design was altered to pink spikes in the latest outing.

What are Shimo’s powers and abilities?

Besides her unmatched strength due to her giant size, Shimo’s specialty is her Frost Bite Blast.

To counter Godzilla’s atomic breath, Shimo possesses the ability to perform ice beam attacks called Frost Bite Blasts. These blasts can freeze her opponents, which allows her to immediately kill them by breaking through in their frozen state.

Moreover, to go along with the freezing abilities, Shimo can use her gigantic tail as a whip. Furthermore, due to her size, her sheer strength could likely prove to be even more than Godzilla and Kong, making her possibly the most dangerous Titan the two leads have fought thus far.

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