How Amanda Rollins’ Return on Law & Order: SVU Could Help Balance Benson’s Obsessive Need to Help

Amanda Rollins will return for another visit!

Her absence has left a hole in the Law & Order: SVU universe that no one else has filled despite three new detectives joining the unit. A visit isn’t the same as Rollins returning full-time, but it’s welcome news.

With Benson’s need to help survivors becoming increasingly obsessive, Rollins’ return could provide much-needed balance.

Benson has always gone the extra mile to support the survivors she works with, but lately, it’s gone beyond dedication. She can’t get victims out of her mind and relax until they’re taken care of.

This is becoming a serious problem, and the trauma-informed therapy she’s getting isn’t enough to solve it. She could burn out or have a mental health crisis if she doesn’t get it under control.

Enter Rollins. As Benson’s best friend, she could help provide some much-needed balance.

Rollins Knows What Addiction Is Like

Rollins has dealt with gambling addiction throughout her time on SVU. She knows what addictive behaviors are like and the lies people tell themselves when they’re craving a fix.

Benson’s behavior isn’t like gambling, alcohol, or drugs, but it’s similar. She obsesses over people like Maddie Flynn and Maria Recinos and sometimes lets victims’ needs interfere with her doing her job effectively.

Benson has saved Rollins from her worst self plenty of times, so now a role reversal might be in order. Olivia Benson is likelier to listen to Rollins because of their close relationship over the years.

Benson Needs A Close Friend

Benson was thrilled to get two new female detectives, but Curry was an old enemy turned admirer, and she doesn’t know Sykes well at all. Plus, Sykes has as many mental health issues as Benson does, so she wouldn’t be the best confidante.

On the other hand, Rollins is the best female friend Benson has ever had. Their final case together was heartbreaking for Benson and viewers because they had so much fun hanging out in that motel while trying to catch a pervy employee.

Having someone like Rollins in her corner would help Benson get some of her pent-up emotions out, which could only help her heal. And Benson could also offer to take. Noah for the night if Benson needs a parenting break while she’s clearing her head.

Of course, the entire story can’t be Rollins offering Benson support. What’s the reason for her visit?

Rollins Will Probably Be a Case Consultant Again

Rollins’ new status as an expert in criminal psychology and forensics who teaches at the college level came out of nowhere. That’s a highly specialized field you can’t learn simply by working as a detective.

But she was turned into an expert to explain why she left regular police work, and it’s probably staying that way.

We don’t know yet why she’s visiting or what the case will be about. But behavioral experts usually weigh in on cases involving serial killers, kidnappers with fetishes, and other violent criminals whose behavior is hard to predict.

Could This Be Another Crossover Appearance?

Amanda Rollins had previously participated in a three-hour crossover event, advising the Law & Order: Organized Crime team on a case that intersected with one SVU was looking into, so there’s no reason she couldn’t do that again.

That would be a great use of the character. Rollins was a natural fit for Organized Crime, though if she was a permanent part of the team, she’d be one more cat for Sergeant Bell to herd.

She’s intelligent, tough, and intuitive, and as a bonus, she doesn’t mind bending the rules for a good reason.

I can only imagine the trouble she and Elliot Stabler would get into while hunting down mobsters. But since Rollins isn’t returning full-time, I’d settle for another crossover appearance.

Multi-show stories usually involve larger-than-life criminals doing heinous things and terrorizing all of New York City, which makes for exciting television.

This is going out on a limb since Dylan McDermott is on FBI: Most Wanted now, but what if Richard Wheatley didn’t die?

Wheatley’s status was deliberately left ambiguous — no body was ever found, but Bell presumed that no one could have survived that fiery crash.

He could return someday, even if that kind of resurrection is the kind of unbelievable thing that usually happens on Days of Our Lives. If he does, I’d love for Rollins to face off with him since he has already played mind games with Benson.

Whatever the reason for Rollins’ visit, please let it not have anything to do with her mother or sister.

Whenever those two show up, there’s unnecessary drama. Kim Rollins is a wildly unpopular character because she does stupid things, and Amanda lets herself get dragged down by her.

Some updates on her home life with ADA Dominique Carisi would be great, as long as it doesn’t involve any of her kids being seriously hurt, ill, or endangered.

Rollins and Ccarisi are a great couple whose screen time got cut short when Rollins left the show, so we need a lot of Rollisi time whenever she visits!

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Law & Order: SVU airs on NBC on Thursdays at 9/8c and drops new episodes on Peacock the day after they air. Rollins’ guest appearance will air sometime in April 2024.

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