Artexpo New York 2024 Spotlight Program Recipients

Artexpo New York returns for its 47th edition to Pier 36 in Manhattan’s trending Lower East Side. And speaking of trending, the artists and galleries selected for this year’s coveted Spotlight Program are definitely doing something unique and forward-looking.

Throughout its nearly five historic decades of exhibiting contemporary and fine art, Artexpo New York has hosted the likes of Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Keith Haring, Leroy Neiman, Basquiat, among many others; intensifying the discourse on today’s industry challenges and magnifying the very best the fine art world has to offer.

Artexpo New York 2024 will once again have an interesting mix of exhibiting galleries, art publishers and dealers, and artists from across the globe, showcasing original work of 1000+ artists that includes prints, paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, ceramics, giclees, lithographs and glass works, among other contemporary and fine art.

This year’s Artexpo New York takes place April 4-7, 2024, at Manhattan’s newest destination for art, Pier 36. Each year, the fair’s special programs range from immersive artist-led Art Lab experiences to exciting Meet the Artist sessions.

From the amazing list of exhibitors, Artexpo’s curators present their Spotlight Program, providing collectors a focused look at several cutting-edge galleries and artists recognized for their skill and achievement in the visual arts.

Check out this year’s Spotlight Program recipients below!

Denise Allen – Booth 302

Denise Allen is a familiar name in the New York Outsider Art scene. A distinguished graduate from the Savannah College of Art & Design, one of America’s premier art institutions, Denise has worked through many challenges over the past 30 years to establish herself as a renowned folk artist, a genre sometimes referred to as Outsider Art. Allen’s work is so reminiscent of a rural, bygone era that many people believe it was created more than a century ago. As a contemporary folk artist, Allen fabricates dolls and needlework tapestries that address her African-American heritage. The history of slavery in the United States is a frequent theme, as are folklore figures and popular-culture icons. Even when treating more recent autobiographical themes, Allen casts her figures in an antiquated light. They wear nineteenth-century dresses, cook on wood-burning stoves, do their washing by hand, and participate in quilting bees. It is women – strong, brave, nurturing women, the backbone of the American family – who are the common thread in Allen’s work.

Galeria Azur – Booth 701

Galeria Azur is an international gallery network, including Madrid, Berlin, New York, Miami, and Buenos Aires. Galeria Azur made a significant impact with its inaugural collaboration with the Redwood Art Group at Red Dot 2023 with an impressive footprint and selection of artists’ work. With over a decade of expertise in modern and contemporary art scenes, Galeria Azur is committed to fostering the careers of both emerging and established artists. Their curated solo and group exhibitions create a vibrant, engaging environment that encourages artistic innovation and cross-cultural dialogue. Galeria Azur actively facilitates the growth of artistic careers. Their personalized services extend to bridging connections between artists and influential entities like museums, galleries, institutions, and collectors globally. The gallery’s vision is clear: they strive to secure international recognition for their artists and to craft a strong, sustainable market for their art.

Greg Lotus Gallery – Booth 112

Through the Lens: The Nature of Fashion Greg Lotus. Greg Lotus’s journey is one of contrasts and harmony. His lens captures the ephemeral beauty of the fashion world against the timeless backdrop of nature. His work is a tribute to the exquisite dance of light and shadow, angles and composition, breathing new life into the classical interplay of elements that have fascinated artists for centuries. In the bustling cities of Manhattan, Paris, and Miami, Lotus finds his muses, dressed in the creations of the world’s finest designers, yet it is in the silence of nature that he frames them. From the rarefied atmosphere of high-end fashion shoots to the tranquil realms where wild flora and fauna reign supreme, his photographs are a study of duality. A model’s poised elegance atop a rugged cliff, the sophistication of haute couture amidst the untamed wilderness, or the inclusion of an exotic animal on set—each image is a narrative unto itself. As Lotus traverses the globe, from the cobblestones of European streets to the seclusion of wild landscapes, he carries with him a vision: to showcase the symbiotic relationship between the creations of human ingenuity and the organic artistry of the earth.

Resurrect Studio – Booth S105

Resurrect Studio represents two artists who repurpose industrial materials into fine art, demonstrating innovation in the choice of materials and the environmental statement made through their art. The use of unusual materials and powerful environmental messages redefine artistic innovation. Artists Jean David and Nancy Wu works present an intriguing challenge to the way we think about waste and appeal. Each sculpture is a testament to transforming the devoid into the divine. The fundamental idea of the studio is the magic of metamorphosis, whereby industrial waste is transformed into eye-catching artworks that powerfully proclaim sustainability and creative brilliance. This combination of rough textures and elegant design tells tales of surprising grace and rebirth. Resurrect Studio is a revolution in art, going beyond convention and inspiring people to see the potential that lies within the abandoned. These sculptures are a call to action, reiterating our shared responsibility to protect our planet.

Tengetsu – Booth 316

The Artexpo New York exhibition of the Mount Fuji Illustrated Scrolls is the first step in promoting artist Hōraku Nakamura’s last four significant works to the

world. Hōraku Nakamura, a ceramic artist and painter, began painting the mythology of the famous Izusan Shrine in 2008. After Mount Fuji and the Izu Peninsula were recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Site and World Geopark respectively, Nakamura began working on a four-part Mount Fuji Illustrated Scrolls series. Just before his death in 2023, he completed the fourth work in the series. The Mount Fuji Illustrated Scrolls Quartet is a series of hanging scroll paintings created using traditional Japanese techniques of outlining in ink and then applying vivid colors in Japanese pigments. The work is then overlaid with a mist called “suyari-kasumi,” unique to Japanese painting, in gold ink. While this is a traditional Japanese painting technique, Nakamura’s colors are very pop and unusual for a Japanese painting. Since the original scrolls are protected as a cultural resource for museums and special exhibitions, reproductions of the originals will be available for sale, complete with gold leaf and mounting the same as the original.

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