It’s finally snowing in the Twin Cities. And people are losing their minds online

Finally. After an unseasonably warm December and January forced the cancellation of several wintry festivals across the metro, Valentine’s Day has blessed much of the Twin Cities with about half a foot of snow. The 6 or 7 inches that fell overnight brought an end to the longest January thaw in recent history.

The snowfall made for a slower-than-usual commute as motorists navigated slush-covered roads. Troopers responded to several hundred spin outs and crashes between 7 a.m. Wednesday and 7 a.m. Thursday, the State Patrol said.

Still, many metro-area residents posted their elation online as the snowfall marked the first real signs of winter after months of balmy temperatures and dismal snowfall. (You can track how this winter compares to seasons past using this nifty snow Star Tribune tracker.)

Here’s how some Minnesotans expressed their feelings about the snow online Thursday:

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In true Minnesotan fashion, at least one poster remained wary about just how long this would all last:

It’s tradition for Minnesotans to tempt fate with the weather. You know how it goes — the moment you put the snow boots and shovels away, Mother Nature decides its time for a light dusting. That custom wasn’t lost on this gal:

Some were just thankful their friendly neighborhood snow blowers and snowplows were on the job bright and early.

Sometimes the snow just brings out the best in us:

Of course, not everyone was excited about the weather.

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