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Zoozve — the strange ‘moon’ of Venus that earned its name by accident

America now has a high-pressure economy FT

Legal Theory Lexicon: Interpretation and Construction Legal Theory Blog


NOAA Coral Reef Watch extends alert scale following extreme coral heat stress in 2023 NOAA. We’re gonna need a bigger scale.

Climate change is making it more dangerous for kids to play outside, report finds The Hill

Generating Electricity…and Uncertainty JSTOR


Happy anniversary:

* * *

Vaccination, testing, clean air: COVID hasn’t gone away – here’s where Australia needs to do better The Conversation. The Australasian College for Infection Prevention and Control is doing way better than CDC’s HICPAC.

How to Stop Airborne Diseases Joey Fox, It’s Airborne. “If you know how it spreads, you know how to stop it.”

* * *

Altered mitochondrial respiration in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection (preproof) Mitochrondion. From the Discussion: “Mitochondrial dysfunction has been extensively studied in acute SARS-CoV-2 infection…. This dysfunction is partly due to the extensive viral targeting of mitochondria and mitochondrial proteins…. Any persistent reservoir of the aforementioned SARS-CoV-2 antigenic agents could account for both the findings herein and the inflammatory state of PASC [Long Covid]…. In combination, these understandings lead to a probable second hypothesis from this work: that reservoirs of viral RNA and proteins in [the cells in the bone marrow known as human hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells (HSC)], upon HSC differentiation, remain in [peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC)] and lead to altered PBMC mitochondrial function through immune activation, sustained inflammation, and the symptoms seen in PASC. Thus, the longevity of PASC would be relative to the extent of HSC viral infiltration and related to the risk factor of viremia levels. As such, this study presents a novel cellular mechanism under the currently hypothesized mechanisms of long COVID pathogenesis.” SARS-CoV-2 reservoirs in bone marrow? That doesn’t sound good at all. Commentary:

The table is taken from an article produced under the NIH’s RECOVER initiative, which squandered a billion dollars laying the groundwork for survey instruments while not even looking for biological markers, let alone treatment.


China will not fall into ‘trap’ of war in Taiwan Strait: former envoy Cui Tiankai South China Morning Post


How AI is used to resurrect dead Indian politicians as elections loom Al Jazeera.


Israeli strikes hit Rafah after Biden warns Netanyahu to have ‘credible’ plan to protect civilians AP. Joe, good job:

The German Foreign Office gets queasy:

* * *

Why Israel Is Winning in Gaza Edward Luttwak, The Tablet

Egypt threatens to suspend key peace treaty if Israel pushes into Rafah on its border, officials say CNBC

Explained: Israel’s plans to invade Rafah, and why US, others have criticised it Indian Express. “[P]ermanent demographic changes” is a terrific euphemism for genocide.

* * *

What are the impacts of the Red Sea shipping crisis? Hellenic Shipping News. Tankers, apparently, remain unaffected.

How the Red Sea Became a Trap Foreign Policy

The Red Sea Crisis Proves China Was Ahead of the Curve Foreign Policy

Middle East–China Trade Prospects Remain Robust Despite Red Sea Crisis RAND

* * *

Israel need to sell record amount of bonds this year to fund war: Officials Business Standard

European Disunion

Germany’s Days as an Industrial Superpower Are Coming to an End Bloomberg

New Not-So-Cold War

Zelenskyy’s new top commander has a reputation as a ‘butcher’ Politico

Zelenskyy appoints 4 new military commanders Anadolu Agency

Former CIA Analyst Issues Warning to Zelensky Newsweek. George Beebe, director of grand strategy at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft.

Outgunned and exhausted: what hope for Ukraine if US military aid dries up? Guardian

Maybe Russian intelligence isn’t so bad:

Syncretic Past New Left Review

Galician Nationalism: Ukraine’s Disaster: Part One Michael Basta, Understanding Russia. Part two.

Global Elections

Pakistan Plunges Into Political Chaos Madras Courier

* * *

Indonesia Elections 2024: Pollsters see Prabowo first-round knockout, but analysts say Anies, Ganjar still in the fight Channel News Asia

Practice of vote-buying looms large over Indonesian election Straits Times

Balancing Act Makes Indonesia an Emerging-Markets Darling John Authers, Bloomberg

Biden Administration

Massive Ukraine, Israel aid package overcomes key Senate hurdle as 18 Republicans vote with Democrats NY Post


‘Just so despicable’: Senate Dems inflamed by Hur report Politico. Hur was appointed by [genuflects] Obama’s failed Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland. Hur is also Korean, so objectively a “Person of Color.”

Super Bowl

Patrick Mahomes rallies the Chiefs to second straight Super Bowl title, 25-22 over 49ers in overtime AP

Chiefs’ Travis Kelce gives cryptic explanation for tantrum, Andy Reid bump FOX



Here are the top five commercials from the Super Bowl The Hill

The Bezzle

AWS and Blockchain Tim Bray. Amazing.

Anxiety, Mood Swings and Sleepless Nights: Life Near a Bitcoin Mine NYT

Amazon steers consumers to higher-priced items, lawsuit claims Reuters. The “Buy Box” a.k.a. “Mom’s Place.”

Inside the Underground Site Where ‘Neural Networks’ Churn Out Fake IDs 404 Media

Digital Watch

Google’s and Microsoft’s chatbots are making up Super Bowl stats TechCrunch

Sam Altman’s chip ambitions may be loonier than feared The Register

At least they didn’t throw the robot car up in a tree, like what happened to e-scooters:

Screening Room

Combustible Cinema? The Nitrate Film Issue JSTOR. I don’t know why they went to all the trouble of setting film on fire when they could have digitized everything onto obsolete storage media using unreadable proprietary data formats.

Groves of Academe

The Loss of Things I Took for Granted Slate. Yikes:

Defeating the open conspiracy to deprive students of physical access to books will do little to counteract the more diffuse confluence of forces that are depriving students of the skills needed to meaningfully engage with those books in the first place. As a college educator, I am confronted daily with the results of that conspiracy-without-conspirators. I have been teaching in small liberal arts colleges for over 15 years now, and in the past five years, it’s as though someone flipped a switch. For most of my career, I assigned around 30 pages of reading per class meeting as a baseline expectation—sometimes scaling up for purely expository readings or pulling back for more difficult texts. (No human being can read 30 pages of Hegel in one sitting, for example.) Now students are intimidated by anything over 10 pages and seem to walk away from readings of as little as 20 pages with no real understanding.

2024 – 5 = 2019. Just blueskying here, but smartphones started to became ubiquitous in 2007-2008.


Bill Gates-backed solar upstart cancels US factory in reshoring gut check S&P Global


The Hole In Boeing’s Inspection Program The Lever

Our Famously Free Press

Over Three Decades, Tech Obliterated Media Kara Swisher, New York Magazine

B-a-a-a-d Banks

UBS Loses to Whistleblower in Wide-Reaching Supreme Court Decision WSJ

Imperial Collapse Watch

“The Great Defiance: How the World Took on the British Empire” by David Veevers Asian Review of Books

Guillotine Watch

Private equity chiefs enjoy $40bn gain in share value as assets surge FT

Class Warfare

Demographic transition is just specialization and trade Interfluidity (SC), which seems to have a big project going on.

Antidote du jour (via):

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Double bonus antidote. You may be asking, “Why so many owls?” Note the hash tag:

The Super Bowl of Minerva flies only at dusk….

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