Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 2-12-24: Can Julie Rebuild After a Heartbreaking Loss?

Nothing quite breaks people’s hearts like losing everything in a fire.

Someone torched the Horton House, and spoilers say that on Days of Our Lives during the week of 2-12-24, Julie and her family get out on time — only for their beloved home to burn down in front of their eyes.

This is doubly tragic for Julie. The Horton House wasn’t just a home. It housed all her childhood memories of her late grandparents, whose loss she never got over.

House fires can be an effective soap trope if done well. This one will hit fans as hard as it does Julie.

The Hortons have been the family at the center of Salem drama since Days of Our Lives debuted in 1965. But in recent years, the writers have moved away from that. Julie is the last original character left and the only Horton on canvas (not counting Maggie, who married into the family many years ago.)

Burning down the Horton house feels like a message to fans that the Horton era of the show is done, and that’s painful.

Storywise, Julie’ll take this hard. Every Christmas, and when something happens, she remembers Grandma Alica and Grandpa Tom and is heartbroken that all they have of them now is the legacy they left behind: their family traditions… and their house.

It doesn’t help that we all know yet another tragic loss is coming; Bill Hayes’ death means that by late summer, his on-screen alter ego will have to pass away too, leaving Julie alone with her memories of the family she once had.

Fortunately, that time isn’t yet — Doug will survive the fire and be there to comfort Julie.

Once the house burns down, Julie and Doug will focus on rebuilding. This could become a positive message about regrouping after a tragic loss if it’s done right (at least until Doug passes away).

But we’d also better get some clue as to who lit the Horton living room on fire. Clyde probably sent goons all over the place to deal with his enemies, including the arsonist, and fans are eagerly debating who that masked man could be.

He appeared to be an older man, which contradicts the fan theory that Everett is secretly working with Clyde and burned down Chad’s house. But will it be anyone important or a random goon?

Please scroll down to check out all eight Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 2-12-24.

Tripp tries to save Harris’ life.

Another goon shot Harris — and it was one that he seemed to recognize.

My money’s on Stefan, though the writers have done their best to make viewers think Xander is responsible.

In any case, Harris isn’t dying yet. Steve Burton left Days of Our Lives a while ago, but the shooting schedule has his character here til May.

Tripp will likely save his mother’s secret boyfriend, but it’ll be touch-and-go for a while in true soap style.

The Hortons escape when their house is set ablaze.

Thankfully, everyone leaves the house in time, but their possessions are not so lucky.

People are more important than things, but everyone wants to know what’ll become of the Horton Christmas ornaments.

That’s one tradition fans look forward to every year, and years ago, JJ promised he and Abigail would keep it alive after Doug and Julie were gone.

JJ and Abigail aren’t in town, and Doug’s days are numbered, but can we at least save the ornaments?

Sarah waits for Xander after his run.

Does Sarah believe that Xander was involved in the spree of Clyde-inspired violence?

Most of the time, this couple goes around in circles, with Xander doing something stupid and Sarah distancing herself from him until enough time has passed for her to give him another chance.

But the spoiler video depicts a steamy shower scene for these two, so maybe this time will be different. Let’s hope that’s not a dream sequence!

Chanel and Johnny surprise Paulina.

The young couple is finally getting married!

They wanted to postpone their wedding because Paulina’s thyroid cancer surgery was scheduled for the same time, but Johnny had another idea.

The two will likely tie the knot at Paulina’s bedside so she can participate. Depending on your point of view, this could be one of Salem’s most romantic marriages or an annoying wedding near-derailment.

Steve and Kayla reminisce on their anniversary.

More time with one of our favorite super couples is never bad!

Steve and Kayla always celebrate with yellow roses and time together, and it doesn’t hurt that their anniversary is on Valentine’s Day.

I hope they’ll get some flashbacks from the distant past! Those are always fun to revisit and add to the romance.

John and Marlena have a picnic.

Only in Salem can the weather be nice enough in the Midwest in February for a picnic!

Still, these two always bring romance, so these should be some sweet scenes.

Hopefully, Konstantin won’t ruin their fun. John’s Pawn/assassin side needs to stay buried during his date with his wife, thanks.

Theresa is impatient for Alex to propose.

After finding that ring in Alex’s jacket (what is with Salemites putting ring boxes in places where their partner can easily find them?), Theresa expects a proposal on Valentine’s Day, but it doesn’t happen.

Is the ring even for her? Maybe Alex is the second man carrying around a ring he meant to give Stephanie once upon a time.

Alex did mention marriage to Marlena, so maybe it is for Theresa. But why is she in such a rush when she’s half in love with Brady?

Nicole is overwhelmed by the lengths EJ went to for his stepdaughter.

This is why Nicole should stay with EJ even when the truth comes out about the baby.

Of course, it might be a moot point given the news about Arianne Zucker’s lawsuit, but still.

EJ displays a softer side when it comes to Nicole and Holly that he doesn’t with anyone else. He certainly didn’t when he was with Sami (making her think Johnny was dead won’t win him any Father of the Year awards.)


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