Best One Piece Movies: Red, One Piece: The Movie & More


The One Piece series created by Eiichiro Oda has been loved by fans for decades and a major part of the success of the successful manga and anime series is due to the One Piece movies released by Toei Animation. The films offer standalone adventures with the beloved Straw Hat Pirates that are based on condensed story arcs. While some movies tie into the primary plotline, others are not. They offer a lighter form of entertainment with the crew’s adventures condensed into a more simpler format. In this article, we will be ranking the best One Piece movies from the weakest to the strongest:

One Piece: The Movie

Kicking off our list is One Piece: The Movie, the franchise’s first film. As one of the early entries in the series, the film lacks the distinguishing features that characterize subsequent features. While it shows slightly better animation and more pace, the story arc feels like filler with meager impact. However, there is also a certain charm in its simplicity which captures the thrill and vibrancy of One Piece’s early arcs. As a time capsule of the anime’s early days, One Piece: The Movie is nostalgic but pales in comparison to the remaining films on the list.

Film: Gold

Claiming the fourth spot is Film: Gold which closely follows the traditional One Piece movie formula. The Straw Hat Pirates happen to be at Gran Tesoro, an opulent place under a dictator. While the story follows a predictable path, Film: Gold makes up with its stunning animation, grand scale, and fast-paced story. The movie is a classic feature film and makes good use of the cinema-friendly format introduced after Strong World. Although it may lack surprises, Film: Gold gives a nice One Piece experience.

Film: Red

Film: Red takes the third seat, with a special story arc related to music and the link between Luffy, Shanks, and an idol named Uta. This film stands out by adding more to a coherent story, although some characters may receive less screen time than others. The music has great importance, as the story is supported by a memorable soundtrack. While Film: Red can be divisive according to viewers’ expectations, but it nevertheless creates an exciting adventure that examines the relationships of the key characters.

Film: Z

In the runner-up position is Film: Z, regarded as an example of how the series effectively creates powerful and intimidating villains. The film introduces Zephyr, a former marine who is seeking vengeance against pirates. Zephyr’s motives and behavior make him a relatable character. Film: Z will not disappoint the audience as it explores an ever-deepening mythology. Intriguing and ambitious with its action, it’s an absolute must-watch. As a theatrical release, it stands as the best One Piece movie, bringing together an amazing story arc and impressive battles.

Strong World

Taking the first place is Strong World, the film that brings together the One Piece movie universe and the manga’s grand storyline. Golden Lion Shiki is a villain who is somehow related to Gol D. Roger, in this non-canonical film. Roger and the World Government. The Strong World arc brings high stakes including the kidnapping of Nami and presents one of the best story arcs in the series. The animation of the film is visually stunning. The final battle features the Straw Hats donning classy suits, hence the movie is a classic for its cinematic experience.


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