Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Las Vegas Hideout Revealed


Posted on: February 6, 2024, 12:00h. 

Last updated on: February 6, 2024, 11:59h.

Britain’s Daily Mail has leaked the location where America’s most beloved celebrity couple will sleep the night before the Super Bowl. Or at least, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will try to sleep.

“Villa de Swelce” features four bedrooms and six bathrooms in nearly 9K square feet of living space, with 300 feet of private waterfront. (Image: Zillow)

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce rented the opulent villa on Lake Las Vegas because it’s a short distance from the posh Westin Lake Las Vegas, where his teammates are staying prior to the big game. And, quite understandably, he wanted more privacy than that.

Zillow values the residence at $8.5M, though it is not currently on the market. (Image: Zillow)

Kelce arrived in Las Vegas on Sunday night. Swift’s private jet is expected to land in Las Vegas, from an “Eras Tour” concert in Tokyo — around 10:30 p.m. Saturday, barring any unfortunate delays.

One of four of the villa’s bedrooms that look out on Lake Las Vegas. (Image: Zillow)

The isolated villa, in one of Lake Las Vegas’ newest communities, features four bedrooms and six bathrooms in nearly 9K square feet of living space, with 300 feet of private waterfront.

No Sinning

Both teams are being housed/detained in Lake Las Vegas, 25 miles east of the Las Vegas Strip, with daily getaways only to separate practice facilities.

This is so the temptations of Sin City don’t distract any players from their strenuous physical and mental preparations.

Lake Las Vegas features a dozen fancy restaurants and a couple of bars, but no nightclubs or wild nightlife.

It used to have a casino with a sportsbook, which definitely would have been a no-no for both Super Bowl teams. However, Casino MonteLago closed in 2013. (The NFL once prohibited its players from wagering on any sports games. That meant an active player couldn’t even visit Las Vegas and place a bet on the NBA playoffs. However, it has relaxed rules and NFL players are allowed to place bets that aren’t on football.)

The police presence, and the team’s tour buses, are shown in front of the Westin Lake Las Vegas. (Image: Daily Mail)

The San Francisco 49ers are staying at the Hilton Lake Las Vegas, a mile southeast and across the lake’s shore.

While the Chiefs are practicing at the Raiders’ nearby Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center in Henderson, the 49ers have a farther drive. They’re 16 miles away, at UNLV’s Intramural Field, where the Raiders’ opponents always practice. (This is because the AFC and NFC champs alternate home and away designations every Super Bowl.)

Lake Las Vegas is also home to Celine Dion, who raised her three sons there while performing two residencies at Caesars Palace.

Sorry, Swifties. All of Lake Las Vegas is currently crawling with police and there is only one road in and out, a road that officers are only allowing local residents to enter.


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