Is Nightingale on Game Pass?


Is Nightingale on Game Pass? We’ve been treated to a wave of new survival games recently and Nightingale looks set to rival their success, with its steampunk aesthetic and fantasy twist.

In Nightingale, you can craft new weapons and explore dangerous lands, all while forging cards to traverse realms and fight powerful bosses. The Nightingale release date might just be the Valheim follow up we’ve been waiting for, so it makes sense that we’d want to get it on Game Pass, so here’s everything we know about where and how to play Nightingale.

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Is Nightingale on Game Pass?

Unfortunately Nightingale won’t be coming to Xbox Game Pass, mainly due to it being a PC only game, with the developers confirming in a Q&A that “Nightingale is currently PC only.” It isn’t listed on the Microsoft Store, either.

That’s not to say that couldn’t change in the future and arrive on consoles, but for those looking forward to Nightingale, you’ll only be able to play on PC. The RPG game will be available on both Steam and the Epic Games Store, and you can team up with your friends in Nightingale multiplayer, too.

Now you know whether you can get Nightingale on Game Pass, here are all of the other upcoming PC games to look forward to in 2024, and a list of Game Pass games and the best survival games for PC.


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