Savannah Chrisley Tells Jason Tartick She Knew His Ex Kaitlyn Bristowe Was Going to Break Up With Him

Savannah Chrisley is spilling the tea when it comes to her take on Jason Tartick and Kaitlyn Bristowe‘s failed engagement and breakup. 

Chrisley invited Bachelor Nation alum Tartick on her Unlocked podcast, where the conversation turned to the former couple’s 2023 split after several years together. 

After sharing that Bristowe broke up with him in early July prior to their public announcement in August, Tartick admitted that he “kind of” saw it coming. 

“I knew it was coming, but I was avoiding it,” he shared. 

As for Chrisley, who had Bristowe on her podcast in March of that same year, she says that she predicted their relationship wouldn’t last. 

“She came on my podcast in March, and I just knew from how she was talking,” Chrisley told Tartick of his ex. “I was like, ‘This is not going anywhere. This is going to end.'”

Tartick replied, “I’ve heard there were a lot of conversations I wasn’t aware of before the breakup that were similar to that.” 

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As for what led to the end of their relationship, Tartick seemed to think that “resentment” played a big factor. 

“I think right when we got engaged, a lot of outside things entered into our life and I think as a result of that, resentment was built and it wasn’t worked through,” he shared. 

The financial advisor and former reality star added that he could sense the split coming and did his best to avoid it. 

“If I look at myself running from [conflict], also knowing that she was truly falling out of love. I went into security protection mode as opposed to trying to salvage, I was like, ‘Gotta make myself feel safe,’ if that makes sense,” he explained. 

These days, Tartick said he’s dating but described himself as “very single.” 

“What’s good now and so healthy is I now have full acceptance,” he said of the split. “I know with certainty, even when I look back at all the thumb pointing and the things I should have done better. I should have been a better partner, I will be in the next relationship. I know with certainty that she was not the person. I know with certainty that I wasn’t her person.” 

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Chrisley also praised Tartick and Bristowe’s handling of their breakup. 

“Kaitlyn was on my podcast. It was great. She was awesome. I have so much respect for the two of y’all and how you handled your breakup,” Chrisley said. “I feel like it’s been very adult. And I don’t think it’s been, at least in the public eye, I don’t think it’s been messy.”

“Interesting,” Tartick replied, laughing and explaining that different people have different takes on how they’ve handled things.  

While the couple seemingly took an amicable approach to their split, when they announced things back in August 2023, there has been some back and forth in the months since. 

Tartick appeared on a December episode of former Bachelor host Chris Harrison’s The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever, where he broke down in tears talking about the split. 

Then, in early January, Bristowe accused her ex of “playing the victim” in their breakup on her own Off the Vine podcast. 

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Claiming Tartick’s using “the victim mentality” to “garner sympathy,” Bristowe expressed disappointment with her ex. 

“I personally thought Jason and I were in such a good space,” Bristowe said. “He came over the other day and I gave him a house tour… We speak kindly about each other. We had the best time at Chris Harrison’s wedding, so I think I get really confused. I’m a little bit disappointed.”

“It’s really disappointing to me the way that Jason’s kind of leaning into the victim mentality, because I don’t want to dismiss that he’s hurting. I don’t want to dismiss that his feelings are valid and his feelings are hurting, but I have talked to him so openly and honestly,” she added. “We have been so transparent with each other to have respect for one another. The word disappointed keeps coming up. I feel so disappointed that someone could use a false narrative… to garner sympathy for themselves.”


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