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Don’t miss visiting the Joshua Tree National Park Association Store’s West location during one of the local Yucca Valley 3rd Saturday art walks. These art walk exhibitions offer a unique opportunity for visitors, including art collectors, to experience the convergence of artistic expression and the preservation of Joshua Tree National Park. One of the highlights of any trip to Joshua Tree is immersing oneself in the vibrant art scene that has flourished within the park and its surrounding areas. The Joshua Tree National Park Store [JTNPA] showcases at each artwalk exhibition a wide variety of artwork, ranging from intricately woven tapestries to striking concrete sculptures, breathtaking photography, and captivating original paintings. With each exhibition centered around the park’s unique landscape or topics related to its conservation, attendees will see how the park inspires artistic expression and how each artist captures the essence of Joshua Tree National Park.  

Photo courtesy of Sherri Scott Studios

Joshua Tree National Park Association Store, West Location

The west location store is in a charming western-style building with easy parking on the side streets. The staff are friendly, and you can see the pride they take in representing the park and the inspired artists at each artwalk exhibition. As an art collector, you’ll be pleased to know that the Joshua Tree National Park Association (JTNPA) Store’s West location plays a crucial role in supporting the park’s programming goals in education, interpretation, scientific research, and activities. By visiting the store and attending the artwalk exhibitions, not only will you have the chance to acquire unique artworks inspired by the majestic Joshua Tree National Park, but you’ll also contribute to the preservation efforts and the promotion of artistic expression.


Illustration of “Dewey The Coyote Series” by Sherri Scott

Exhibition: “Desert Nocturnals”

This exhibition featured artwork showing the nighttime activities of the park.  Visiting the park during the day and hiking is not to be missed, but including an evening visit allows you to see the change of light and abundant activity that starts to happen at the end of the day.  As part of this exhibition a local park ranger gave a talk about light pollution.  Designated as an international dark sky park, Joshua Tree works to protect its night sky.

If you want to see the stars, planets, and passing meteors, the Joshua Tree National Park offers visitors the chance to admire them all.  The park is protected by the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA). When you do come to the park for a night viewing please use red lights only. Do not use bright white flashlights, headlamps, or cell phones. It takes 20-30 minutes for the human eye to adjust to very low-light conditions.  Bright lights delay this process.  Note: you can turn a regular flashlight into a red light by covering it with red cellophane or similar item.

Cement Sculpture, “Box Canyon Tablet” by Chris Sanchez

Cement Sculpture, “Box Canyon Tablet” by Chris Sanchez

Exhibition: “Where two deserts Meet”

There are two desert ecosystems, the Mojave and the Colorado, that come together in Joshua Tree National Park. You can see the diversity of plants and animals that make their homes in a land based on the climates in each ecosystem.

The Mohave receives less summer rainfall and endures longer periods of freezing temperatures in the winter than the Colorado Desert with its more southern location, lower elevation, and exposure. The Joshua Tree is exclusive to the Mojave Desert, whereas the Saguaro cactus prefers the Colorado side.

Oil on Canvas, ”Desert Song” by Steven Wybenga

Oil on Canvas, ”Desert Song” by Steven Wybenga

Attending a JTNPA artwalk is not only an opportunity to appreciate incredible artwork but also a chance to support the preservation efforts of Joshua Tree National Park. The association works tirelessly to promote conservation awareness and raise funds for various projects aimed at safeguarding the park’s ecological integrity. By participating in these artwalks, visitors actively contribute to the ongoing protection of this natural wonder.

If you are an Artist: By participating in the JTNPA artwalk, you have the opportunity to create artwork that showcases the unique beauty and essence of Joshua Tree National Park. By immersing yourself in the park’s environment and learning about its distinct features, you can gain deeper insights and an appreciation for its natural wonders. Through your artistic process, you can explore various themes and capture the essence of Joshua Tree in your artwork. This experience not only allows you to express your creativity but also serves as a platform to educate others about the park’s significance and the importance of conservation. By creating art that fits the JTNPA exhibition theme, you contribute to the overall narrative and understanding of Joshua Tree National Park. Your artwork becomes a powerful medium to communicate and inspire others to connect with nature, appreciate its uniqueness, and support conservation efforts. In addition to showcasing your talent, participating in the JTNPA artwalk allows you to engage with other artists, visitors, and park enthusiasts. This collaborative environment fosters the exchange of ideas and perspectives, providing an enriching experience for both artists and attendees alike. So, as a participating artist, you not only have the opportunity to create meaningful artwork but also to deepen your connection with Joshua Tree National Park and its extraordinary features. Let your creativity flourish, and use your art to inspire others to cherish and protect this remarkable natural treasure.

Image courtesy of JTNPA

Save the Date for upcoming Joshua Tree National Park Association Exhibitions:

  • January – History of Joshua Tree National Park
  • March – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • May – Desert Flora

Where to Stay:  additionally, Joshua Tree National Park offers various camping opportunities for those who want to connect with nature on a more immersive level.  The park provides several campgrounds, each offering a different experience and level of amenities. Whether you prefer a rustic tent camping experience or the convenience of RV camping, Joshua Tree National Park has options to suit your needs. Camping in the park allows you to fully appreciate the breathtaking landscapes, starry nights, and peaceful solitude that make this place so special. If camping is not your preferred option, there are also plenty of Airbnb rentals available in the area surrounding Joshua Tree National Park. If you happen to be visiting during the right time, you might catch one of the music festivals that take place in Joshua Tree. The desert has been a popular destination for music events, attracting talented artists and enthusiastic crowds.

Check the event calendar using some links below and see if there’s an JTNPA artwalk, a local music festival, happening during your visit! With its captivating art scene, stunning natural landscapes, camping options, Airbnb rentals, and exciting music festivals, the desert truly has something for everyone. Whether you’re an art collector, outdoor enthusiast, or music lover, this enchanting destination is sure to leave a lasting impression on you.

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Learn more about featured artists and other local desert artists: Artist Studio Tours

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Author’s Bio:

After immersing herself in the action sports design world for several years, Sherri Scott is now embarking on an exciting artistic adventure.  Driven by a deep passion for the arts, she enjoys experimenting with various traditional and contemporary media in her paintings.  Inspired by her exploration of the outdoors, she finds inspiration in both the picturesque landscapes and captivating elements of land and sea. 

A versatile artist and designer, with a strong background in designing for brands including her own successful apparel line, she brings a unique perspective to her designs.  Her technical design skills and creative vision blend seamlessly to create her work.  Today her deep appreciation shines through in her artwork, she continues to push boundaries and explore new artistic horizons.   Galleries: JTNPA, 29Palms Gallery, Santa Barbara CAW and Off The Track.  Upcoming project in 2024: Yucca Valley public art project and exhibitions at the new Hi-Desert Artist gallery. Please visit her websites to view artwork at and

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