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CosMc’s, McDonald’s new Starbucks competitor, is a McSmash.

New data from shows that the first location of the new concept, which focuses on specialty drinks and a few new menu items, received more than twice as many visits as a typical McDonald’s over the same time period.

Right now, there’s just one CosMc’s—a drive-through-only, 2,800-square foot location in Bolingbrook, Ill. Another 10 locations are scheduled to open later this year.

And if the location had been bigger and had the capacity to satisfy the customer demand, CosMc’s visitation numbers would likely have been much higher.

That bodes well for future locations, which Placer says could be bigger.

“It’s unlikely that future CosMc’s will look or operate like the pilot location in Bolingbrook,” the group wrote. “Nevertheless, the excitement around new products, an expansive trade area, and potential to connect with younger audience make it a worthwhile test (especially with 2024 shaping up to be a strong year for unit growth within the coffee category).”

Customers began lining up as early as 3:30 a.m. when CosMc’s first opened its doors. At the peak, the wait was up to three hours for a drink and snack, reported the Chicago Sun Times.

Among the new drinks being offered by the restaurant are:

  • Sour cherry energy burst
  • Berry hibiscus sour-ade
  • Island pick-me-up punch
  • Blueberry ginger boost
  • S’mores cold brew
  • Turmeric spiced latte
  • Churro frappe

The chain also offers its own unique sandwiches, including one with spicy queso and another called the “Creamy avocado tomatillo sandwich.”

CosMc’s revolves around a character introduced in 1987—a robot, of sorts, with a green head, a fishbowl-like body and arms and legs. In his commercial, he tells Ronald McDonald and Grimace he “popped in from outer space on a trade mission,” but proceeds to swap less-than-desirable objects for a burger and fries. He’s ultimately stopped via a giant magnet, but joins the gang for a picnic.

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