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How does Palworld cooking work? In any game with a hunger meter in the user interface, there’s always a big question about where that food comes from. In Palworld, you can capture or kill Pals for food. Sometimes, they drop meat, which you can cook, but other times, you may need to get a bit more creative. Then, there’s the other principal question: do I have to eat my Pals?

Of course, if you put your mind to it, you can eat anything once, but Palworld has some creatures that we’ve already seen as edible out of the 100 Palworld Pals in the early access build. Since this is an open-world game where gadgets are vital to your progress, there are ways to make food and prepare it for consumption. So before the Palworld release date drops, here’s everything we know about Palworld cooking.

Several Pals are working at the base, including some Foxparks who are Flame element Pals that are pre-heating cauldrons for Palworld cooking.

How to cook Pals in Palworld

The setup for Palworld cooking seems to revolve around getting a pot or cauldron together and heating it using Flame element Pals. Pictured above, you can see a group of Foxparks breathing fire underneath some pots, but other Flame-type Pals can likely help do the same thing.

You can get certain ingredients by killing Pals in the wild or butchering them with a butcher’s knife if already caught. Most are edible, and while the campfire has some limited options, more become available when you unlock the cooking pot.

A player and two of their Pals are watering plants and trees to make food for vegan-friendly Palworld cooking.

Can you play Palworld as a vegan?

For some, the idea of eating Pals is a bit brutal. With that in mind, the Pal-friendly options are much more accessible. As seen during one of the other trailers, we see a small garden with both Grass and Water element Pals assisting with maintaining crops such as pumpkins, berries, and apples. We also see the player flipping pancakes while his three Pals eat fruit in a cozy hut.

Of course, these ingredients could just be part of a recipe. Pairing fruit and vegetables with carbs and protein sources is the key to a balanced diet, after all, so we’ll have to wait for the full release to get a complete menu.

For many crops, it’s easier to create plantations and have your Pals farm the food, with berries satisfying many palettes. However, there are some more beast-like Pals that don’t get much satisfaction from eating non-meat foods, and so you will, unfortunately, need to feed Chikipi and other meat sources to these Pals.

How to cure Palworld eating disorder

Yes, your Pals can apparently develop an eating disorder if neglected for too long. You’ll see in the base info screen if any of your Pals have any injuries, such as broken bones, stress-related illnesses, and symptoms for other ailments.

Should your Pal develop an eating disorder, you can give them High-Grade Medical Supplies, which you can craft at a Medieval Medicine Workshop with five ingots, five horns, and five bones. You can smelt ore at a furnace to make ingots, while horns and bones are lootable items from Pals with horns. You can find out more about which Pals drop what in our Palworld resources guide.

However, the best way to deal with this situation is to avoid it entirely. Your base should ideally have a Breeding pen so that your Pals can, checks notes, let off some steam. You can also convert your Pal beds to ones of high quality and make a number of High-Quality Hot Springs so they can relax after a hard day’s work. Finally, keeping the food coffers full will help keep them full.

For now, that’s everything you need to know regarding Palworld cooking. You should also check out our Palworld breeding guide for tips on getting the best beasts in your party and the Palworld jobs guide for tips on where to use Pals for everyday tasks.


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