Alabama parents spend $3,000 to collect every variety of Stanley Cup for their 16-year-old: WSJ


There’s nothing wrong with jumping on a bandwagon, but it’s a good idea to recognize when things might have gone a little too far.

An Alabama 16-year-old claims her parents have spent roughly $3,000 to help her collect every available Stanley cup on the market. She now has 67 in various styles and colors, collected over the past year.

“I’m obsessed,” the teen tells The Wall Street Journal. (Fortune has chosen not to name her because of her age.)

For Stanley, obsessive collectors are a dream—and one of the reasons new colors and styles are regularly released. The tumblers, which sell for $45 and $50 each, have become a sensation in recent months, as well as a source of confusion for those who don’t understand the popularity. Generation Z is the biggest booster, singing its praises on TikTok and other social media channels, but it’s equally as popular with millennials and even some of Generation X. Baby boomers, who typically aren’t found on TikTok, seem mystified.

Videos under the TikTok hashtag “#stanleycup” have over 6 billion views—and very few of those have anything to do with the NHL and Lord Stanley’s cup.

Starbucks and Target recently learned the value of aligning themselves with the Stanley cup. People camped outside stores earlier this month to get their hands on a special-edition of the popular cup.

The pink and red tumblers are sold out on Target’s website and Starbucks says it does not plan on restocking them with most stores now sold out as well. That’s both creating the craze for people seeking them at retail. And it’s pushing prices on secondary markets through the roof.

Prices for the cup on eBay currently range from $200 to over $400.

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