Be Head of the Class With the Updated Schooly App

The cross-platform app helps you manage an academic endeavors with schedule, assignments due, and much more.

At the start of the year, you can add in a schedule, even with repeating weeks and block schedules. You can add the teachers and classroom. For easy access, you can add a schedule to your home screen with a widget.

Head to the app to create assignments so you will also know what you need to work on.

Thanks to iCloud sync, your information will be available on all of your devices. While on the go, you can even see your schedule and what is due on the Apple Watch.

With a recent update, the app has gotten even better with a numbers of new features. You can now mark off and track completed assignments. And a new interactive widget allows you to check off an assignment directly from your home screen without even opening the app.

A redesigned home screen view in the app also shows better insights into your upcoming scheduled and assignments.

The app is developed by 18-year-old Australian Oscar Gorog. The WWDC 2020 scholarship winner created the app because he couldn’t find any other good options to organize he school work on the App Store.

Even though my school days have longed passed, it’s obvious that the app is well-designed and should make any students life just a bit easier.

Schooly is for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. It’s a free download on the App Store now.

A Schooly Pro tier is available for a subscription of $0.99 per month, $9.99 per year, or $24.99 for the lifetime of the app. That unlocks a number of additional features including the ability to add more than 10 assignments, receive notifications for due work, send due items to friends, use Siri Shortcuts and add assignments directly on the Apple Watch.

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