Palworld mods support explained

Are there Palworld mods? Everyone knows the universal way of improving any game is to add mods to it, and open-world games like Palworld are no exception to this. Games like Palworld usually attract modders for multiple reasons, from streamlining different mechanics to make things easier, to adding entirely new creatures, enemies, and environments.

Now that we’ve heard directly from the Palworld devs on Steam that mod support is coming to the open-world game after launch, it’s time to start thinking about what the community might be working on. With the Palworld release date just around the corner, we’re thinking about what mods might come to the RPG game via the Steam Workshop.

Are Palworld mods available at launch?

Palworld mods are not available at this time. There’s no telling when mod support will be added to the game, including whether that will be during Palworld’s early access period or afterward.

Here’s what the developers had to say about mod support in a recent FAQ session on Steam: “Steam Workshop support won’t be supported straight away but we plan to add it after launch. Palworld is made in Unreal Engine 5 and we look forward to seeing what sort of mods people come up with!”

Types of Palworld mods

As long as the developers stick to their word about allowing Palworld mods, there’s no reason why the scope for potential mods should be limited.

Here are some of the Palworld mods we could see coming to the game:

  • Improved gameplay mechanics
  • New Pals
  • Challenge mode

Improved gameplay mechanics

With over 100 Pals to find in the Paldeck, you’re going to want to find all of them as quickly as possible. While there might be a system built in-game to make this process easy, we’ve seen mods in the past that go several steps beyond what the developers had in mind. There’s almost no doubt a mod like this also incorporates the Palworld map to show you at a glance what Pals you’re missing and where you can find them.

New Pals

Adding new Pals to the game is arguably the most obvious type of mod most people want to see. We won’t be surprised if fans use this as an opportunity to add creatures from other properties, but they’ll have to be careful, as companies could send DMCA claims to modders. If these modded Pals were original, this could be a cool opportunity to see Palworld variations like brand-new Fusion Pals.

Challenge mode

It’s difficult to say whether a challenge mode could be something people want to see in Palworld, we’ll have to see how hard the game is at launch. There are lots of challenge mode mods for these types of games, some of them inflicting permanent death on your creatures to make the game significantly harder.

That’s all we’ve got to say about Palworld mods so far, but stay tuned as we’ll be sure to add some whenever they receive official support. In the meantime, look at the Palworld starters to see which one you want to begin your adventure with. Don’t forget to read the Palworld fighting element type guide to discover which enemies fare better against specific types.

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