The Battlefield devs’ favorite feature is back after 2042 misstep

The next game in the series after Battlefield 2042 wants to have the “most realistic” destruction effects in the entire videogame industry, as it looks to compete with The Finals’ destruction, which also happens to come from former Battlefield developers.

While Battlefield 2042 might not have had the level of trademark destruction that the multiplayer FPS game series is known for, EA is already promising that the next entry, the tentatively titled Battlefield 6, will outdo what the series has done before.

This promise of even more high-quality destruction in the next Battlefield game comes from a VFX Director job listing over at Ripple Effect, formerly DICE LA, as EA is looking for someone to help “create the most realistic and exciting destruction effects in the industry.”

This isn’t the first time, and I doubt it will be the last, that Ripple Effect and EA lean on how the next iteration of the Battlefield series will have even better destruction than the last, as this is something the team has been saying for a while.

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The destruction effects have been the crutch of Battefield’s marketing for years, so I decided to take a little trip back in time and see just how many times EA has said the next Battlefield will have better destruction than the last.

Before Battlefield 2042 was revealed and released in 2021 we were told it would have “game-changing destruction” alongside some “massive battles” in a blog post. Back in 2013 executive producer Patrick Bach said of what became Battlefield 1 that it needed “More features. More extras. More destruction,” adding that “Every new game needs to be the next big thing.”

Battlefield 4 even coined a new term for it, lest we forget, as “Levolution” was the next big thing for the series in 2013. The Destruction mechanics have been a core part of Battlefield’s identity for over a decade, and with 2042 not being as impressive as it could have been on this front, I’d wager that EA and Ripple Effect want Battlefield 6 to pull out all the stops.

Then again, Battlefield 2042 did have a Cyberpunk 2077 moment that it looks to have stuck the landing for, so perhaps a lot of people are coming around on the shooter right now.

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