Frozen Surface Trailer Teases Chen Jianbin’s Difficult Life As Police Captain


Much anticipated C-drama Frozen Surface has released its trailer teasing police captain Chen Jianbin. Frozen Surface’s director is Zang Xi Chuan. The screenwriter of the drama is Wang Xiao Quan. The genre of the show is thriller and mystery. Viewers will join captain Chen as he solves major cases. The show will air a total of 12 episodes. Chen will play the role of Guan Yu, the fierce captain Lanhe Country Criminal Police Team.

Frozen Surface trailer reveals Chen Jianbin’s  tough life

Chen had started his career as a mere criminal policeman but due to his diligence, he is now the captain. He has solved numerous cases and has grown to be wiser with time. Chen continues to face various challenges. He faces pressure from his superiors, pressure of time. He also continues to lose his comrades and may of his relatives suddenly disappear. But as a result his health has also deteriorated. At a time like this, he faces one of the toughest challenges of his career. Will he be able to remain victorious?

Frozen Surface: release date, cast & more

Frozen Surface will meet the audience on January 10,2024. The 12 episodes are scheduled to air between January 10th and January 31st,2024. The drama will be aired all seven days of the week. The original broadcaster of the drama is TencentVideo. Domestic viewers can enjoy the drama on the app as well as their official website. For global viewers, the drama will be available on WeTV.

The cast will feature talented actors including Hu Jun as Yang Si, Deng Jiajia as Wang Ping, Lu Hong as Liao Yuan, Chen Jing Ke as Zhong Yi, Yu Yang as Feng Gen, etc.

Watch Frozen Surface to know more about Chen’s journey as the captain as he continues to solve complicated and intertwined cases.


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