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How John Coltrane’s ‘My Favorite Things’ Changed American Music Smithsonian Mag

Scientists Identify 1 Vital Thing That Will Help Your Dog Age Well Science Alert

Cult mentality: Professor makes monumental discovery in Italy

Stanford scientists boost hypnotizability with transcranial magnetic brain stimulation PsyPost


Plant Waste From a Botanic Garden Creates Natural Habitat for Injured Birds The Allegheny Front

Exposure to Residential Green Space and Bone Mineral Density in Young Children JAMA Network

Spatial synchrony cascades across ecosystem boundaries and up food webs via resource subsidies PNAS


Muscle abnormalities worsen after post-exertional malaise in long COVID Nature

Highly mutated COVID variant ‘Pirola’ JN.1 is fueling the pandemic’s second highest U.S. wave—and it’s still growing Fortune

Old Blighty

NHS to investigate Palantir influencer campaign as possible contract breach Good Law Project

Royal Navy forced to advertise for rear-admiral on LinkedIn The Times


China’s primary sector workforce sees first increase in decades as migrants back on the farm South China Morning Post

The China-US factor (and other issues) in Taiwan’s polls, and why it weighs on voters Channel News Asia


122 Palestinians killed, 256 injured as Israel continues onslaught on Gaza: Health Ministry Anadolu Agency

The Epidemiological War on Gaza Jewish Currents

In Gaza genocide, US defends Israel’s ‘aura of power’ Aaron Mate

Safe zones: Israel’s technologies of genocide Nicola Perugini, Al Jazeera


Inside Israel’s plan to quash South Africa’s Gaza genocide case Axios


Unprecedented rise in Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank: report The New Arab


Indian Navy Commandos Retake Ship In Arabian Sea gCaptain

Indian Navy To Escort Indian Merchant Ships In Red Sea Reuters


Hezbollah hits critical Israeli surveillance base with 62 rockets The Cradle

EU’s Borrell meets Hezbollah delegation in Lebanon Al Mayadeen


Kamikaze drone attack carried out on US base in northwestern Syria Anadolu Agency


U.S. Military Presence in Iraq Could Be Unexpected Casualty of Israel’s War on Gaza Forever Wars


US top diplomat arrives in Istanbul to discuss Gaza war Hurriyet Daily News

‘Incirlik Is Yours’: How Turkey’s Erdoğan Handed Major Military Base to the Americans Declassified UK

European Disunion

In 2024, Europe to hunt for new partners to offload asylum seekers Al Jazeera

The 1st Amendment Will Not Save You CJ Hopkins

Chartbook 259 Germany’s CO2 emissions plunge. But all is not at it seems Adam Tooze

New Not-So-Cold War

The degradation of Western elites Gilbert Doctorow

India-Russia ties get a makeover Indian Punchline

Turkey must stop blocking Ukraine minehunters, ex-NATO supreme commander warns POLITICO EU

Imperial Collapse Watch

Army Opens New Warrant Officer Recruiting Roles as It Struggles to Fill the Ranks

When Veterans in Crisis Can’t Get Help ProPublica

Psychoactive drug ibogaine effectively treats traumatic brain injury in special ops military vets Stanford Medicine (press release)

‘They See a Cash Cow’: Corporations Could Consume $50 Billion of Opioid Settlements MedPage Today

Oregon Lost Track Of $426 Million In Federal Pandemic Funds For Emergency Rental Assistance Daily Wire

South of the Border

Spook Country

Censors Are Trying to Trick You Into Thinking Substack Has a “Nazi Problem” Public

Biden Administration

Top White House and Pentagon officials were not informed for days about Austin’s hospitalization POLITICO.

Joe Biden is no George Washington, and Valley Forge proved it Jonathan Hurley, The Hill


UK preparing secret dossier on Trump 2.0 amid security fears iNews


Cornel West Stands with Palestinians: A Bold Political Move with Implications for U.S. Foreign Policy BNN

The Plan to Get New Hampshire Liberals to Vote for Nikki Haley New York Magazine

Nikki Haley quietly bought a $2.4M SC island home after leaving office and joining Boeing board New York Post


Alaska Airlines grounds 65 Boeing 737-9 jets after midair fuselage blowout on flight from Portland Oregon Live

FAA grounds more than 170 Boeing 737 Max 9s after Alaska Airlines panel blows out CNBC

Boeing wants FAA to exempt MAX 7 from safety rules to get it in the air The Seattle Times

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

US Army to test spy business jet that hears secrets from 51,000 feet Interesting Engineering


More Authors Sue OpenAI and Microsoft Over ChatGPT Concerns PC Mag

Scoop: AI prescription assistant nabs backing from Mayo Clinic, Eli Lilly Axios


Nearly half of every dollar spent by Medicare drug plans goes to private health insurers’ pharmacy benefit managers and wholesalers HEALTHCARE un-covered

Public Pharma’s Biggest Barrier The American Prospect

Hospitals Sue LockBit, Ask Cloud Firm to Return Stolen Data BankInfoSecurity


What’s Coming in 2024 on the Monopoly Front? BIG by Matt Stoller

Police State Watch

NYPD whistleblower on why so-called “bad apple” cops are really guided by “incentives of the system” Salon

Groves of Academe

Let’s Seize This Opportunity to Destroy Harvard!  The Intercept

U.S. News Makes Money From Some of Its Biggest Critics: Colleges New York Times

The Bezzle

Tesla Model Y range estimate reduced by 6%, becoming more realistic Electrek

How to claim your slice of a $100 million Verizon settlement CNN

Our Famously Free Press

Media Obsession With Inflation Has Manufactured Discontent FAIR

Class Warfare

Brisk Wage Gains in December Could Keep the Fed Watchful New York Times

Florida politicians may unleash the next generation of payday lenders Seeking Rents

Zeitgeist Watch

Calculating the number of oranges that can be plucked from a fruit stand before it collapses

Birdsong and laughter The Floutist

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