Snag this 9/10 cozy beekeeping sim as a free game while you can

Apico is one of those cozy-looking sim games that almost instantly had my attention, and I’m so glad it caught my eye then. TNgineers’ relaxing beekeeping game is all about breeding, collecting, and conserving our planet’s most underrated little insects, drawing inspiration from the likes of Minecraft’s own iconic Forestry mod. If it sounds like the wholesome experience of your dreams, you’ll want to grab it while it’s still free with Amazon’s Prime Gaming service.

Prime Gaming subscribers can soon play Apico for free, as it’s part of the service’s changing monthly rotation. The simulation game joins a roster of four entries total. I already have Apico myself, but I’d highly recommend any fans of sandbox experiences such as Minecraft (and the Forestry farming mod in particular) to check this indie gem out, as well as lovers of cozy games like Stardew Valley.

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Apico sees you explore various lush environments to cross-breed new bees, rediscover those lost to time, and repopulate islands with all sorts of species to help get the busy buzzers back in business. That’s not all, though. You can also collect butterflies in an Animal Crossing-esque fashion and conjure up your very own honey to sell. You’ll be able to do all of these fun educational activities alongside up to three friends in an online co-op mode.

There’s no better time to bumble your way through the laid-back game than now either, as the dev has one massive final update planned. Hive of Industry, the sim’s 4.0 build, is underway and will add new bees, bring fresh decorations, improve automation, introduce seasonal events, and finally open access to “one final location” which will “wrap everything up story and gameplay-wise.”

TNgineers’ game will be available for free via Amazon’s service starting on Thursday, January 11. While the deal isn’t valid forever, once you download Apico you’ll get to keep it. This means you’ll never have to buy it yourself if you find you love the 9/10 beekeeping sim. You can also get Prime Gaming’s other January freebies including Endling on January 4, Atari Mania on January 18, and Yars Recharged on January 25.

While you consider downloading Apico or this month’s other free Prime offers while you can, you should also browse through a few of our other favorite relaxing games and prop up your feet for some chill experiences. Alternatively, take a look at some of the most fun co-op games around to enjoy with a good pal or two if your favorite Apico feature is its inclusion of online play.

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