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The Wondrous Birds of the Himalayas and the Forgotten Victorian Woman Whose Illustrations Rewilded the Western Imagination The Marginalian

The First Photo-Illustrated Book, Anna Atkins’ Austerely Beautiful Photographs of British Algae (1843) Open Culture. From 2016, but a good pairing.

It’s time to reassess the ‘dark arts’ of central banks The Telegraph

Bezos Bucks? Get Ready For Corporate Digital Currency IEEE Spectrum

Amazon’s Silent Sacking Justin Garrison

Is This How Amazon Ends? The Atlantic


Several Chicago-area health systems reinstate mask requirements as respiratory viruses spread NBC. Based on lagging indicators, i.e. too late, which is why requirements for respirators should be permanent and, since Covid spreads like smoke, universal throughout the facility.

2023 was the year of the party — and it’s just getting started MSNBC. The deck: “After years of being told to isolate, we wanted to immerse ourselves in mobs of people.” Extroverts are gonna kill us all.

WA Health cuts hundreds of jobs as federal COVID funds run out Seattle Times

Epidemiology of COVID-19 in Infants in the United States: Incidence, Severity, Fatality, and Variants of Concern Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal

The United States is not a serious country:


China struggles to disperse cheap loans to businesses in economic slowdown FT. Commentary:

Back to ‘black box’? As China tightens access to court records, legal experts fear for future of judicial transparency South China Morning Post

Cathay Pacific Blames End Of Year Flight Cancelations On Crew Illness Simple Flying. “Seasonal illness” is the new euphemism….


Myanmar Gives China Green Light to Proceed with Strategic Seaport Maritime Executive. And the junta gets?

High-impact ‘drop bombs’ retaking the sky from Myanmar junta Straits Times

The Koreas

US Overtakes China as South Korea’s Top Export Market Bloomberg


Updated List: Shipping Firms Reactions To Houthi Attacks In The Red Sea Reuters

Houthi Red Sea attacks ‘will likely continue,’ US Navy says FOX

Exclusive: US to bring back aircraft carrier from eastern Mediterranean ABC

Report: Ships Make Novel Use of AIS to Ward Off Attacks by Houthis Maritime Executive

* * *

Reversing America’s Ruinous Support For Israel’s Assault On Gaza War on the Rocks. When you’ve lost War on the Rocks….

Israeli minister reiterates calls for Palestinians to leave Gaza Al Jazeera. Speaking on Israeli Army Radio:

Smotrich has been excluded from Netanyahu’s war cabinet, but is still Finance Minister.

Israel eyes UK’s Tony Blair as mediator for Gaza, Palestinian refugees – report Jerusalem Post

New Not-So-Cold War

Russia intensifies Ukraine attacks on New Year’s Eve FT

* * *

Zelenskyy: Next year the enemy will experience the fury made in Ukraine Ukrainska Pravda

End of 2023 Roundup – Update on the War’s Technological Progress Simplicius the Thinker

* * *

Ukraine War Day #676: “Did you jump high enough?” Awful Avalanche

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency, Moscow, December 31, 2023 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

Putin did ‘everything possible’ to make peace, veteran Ukrainian diplomat says Aaron Maté

Ending The Ukraine War Without Ending The Ukraine – OpEd Eurasia Review. Why is that a requirement? Prussia, for example, is no more.

Biden Administration

DOJ accused of covering for ‘deep state’ by not holding second SBF trial on illegal political donations: ‘Disgrace’ NY Post

Big money dispute shows value of ‘hired gun’ economists FT

Spook Country

Operation Triangulation: The last (hardware) mystery Securelist


Exclusive: Recordings, emails show how Trump team flew fake elector ballots to DC in final push to overturn 2020 election CNN Politics. I’ve been muttering for awhile that this line of inquiry was the most dangerous to Trump, not the J6 hysteria. Not least if the “contingent” electors were scammed.

EXCLUSIVE: A missing laptop could be key to prosecuting Trump. This rural Georgia county only recently admitted that it exists Daily Dot

Maine Secretary of State says home ‘swatted’ after Trump removed from ballot and Swatting incidents at GOP lawmakers’ homes on the rise over holidays Politico

The Supremes

Behind the Scenes at the Dismantling of Roe v. Wade NYT

Digital Watch

Taking Back the Web with Decentralization: 2023 in Review Electronic Frontier Foundation

OpenAI annualized revenue tops $1.6 billion- The Information Reuters. Crime pays.

How one of the world’s oldest newspapers is using AI to reinvent journalism Guardian. “With the AI-assisted reporter churning out bread and butter content, other reporters in the newsroom are freed up to go to court, meet a councillor for a coffee or attend a village fete.” But you know the reporters will be the first to go.


More Undocumented in California Will Be Eligible for Medi-Cal Health Insurance in 2024 Times of San Diego

More than 13 million people lost Medicaid coverage this year, with Texas an epicenter of the ‘unwinding’ NBC


US appeals court allows California to bar guns in most public places Reuters

New Year’s Post-Game Analysis

New Year Intentions: How to Have a Magical New Year Teen Vogue. From 2023, but showed up in my mailbox. So, great start?

Why We Make Resolutions (and Why They Fail) The New Yorker

Bones of Tomorrow Simplicius the Thinker


John Pilger, Australia-born journalist and filmmaker known for covering Cambodia, dies at 84 AP

There Is a War Coming Shrouded in Propaganda. It Will Involve Us. Speak Up John Pilger

Groves of Academe

I Vote on Plagiarism Cases at Harvard College. Gay’s Getting off Easy vs. President Gay Plagiarized, but She Should Stay. For Now. Harvard Crimson

Imperial Collapse Watch

The Crumbling of the Pax Americana (video) Chas Freeman, Watson Institute for International Affairs. Parts two and three. From 2016; the alarm has been sounding for some time, though few have had the ears to hear.

A Seamless Web of Deserved Trust The Rational Walk. Munger and Buffet. But “trust” to do what?

Without End Cory Robin, New Left Review. On historian Arno Mayer. “Where other Marxist historians of the twentieth century spoke of the transition to finance capital and the corporate form, Arno was more impressed by the staying power of the family firm.”

Class Warfare

Workers at Bay Area Locations of Iconic Sex Shop, Good Vibrations, Move to Unionize SFist

Labor 2023: A lot of noise but few strikes Freight Waves. “[T]here is a price to be paid for labor peace. Contracts ratified during 2023 came with employee wage and benefit increases.”

Working Class Perspectives on the ‘Migrant Crisis’ Texas Observer

How We Obscure the Common Plight of Workers The Hedgehog Review

How to Be a Policy Entrepreneur in the American Vetocracy American Affairs (RR).

When Paris Sneezed London Review of Books. “The cult of 1789.”

The Thing That Is Silence The Convivial Society

The bliss — and benefits — of slow reading FT

Antidote du jour (via):

2024 is said to be the Year of the Dragon. Bonus antidote:

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