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Thriving Otters in North America Linked to Nuclear Weapons Tests. Here’s Why. ScienceAlert. Chuck L: “I never knew that the USA had done nuclear testing in the Aleutian Islands.”

I looked out my airplane window and was stunned — TikTok helped me solve the mystery New York Post (BC)

Using Early Human Existence To Understand Historical Societies Ian Welsh (Ian W)

Mathematicians found a guaranteed way to win the lottery in 2023 New Scientist (David L)

Gaza, Ukraine, and other conflicts could be accelerating antibiotic resistance/a> STAT (Dr. Kevin)


Para-infectious brain injury in COVID-19 persists at follow-up despite attenuated cytokine and autoantibody responses Nature (Paul R)

Unexpected New COVID Symptoms Arise As JN.1 Variant Continues To Spread IFLScience (furzy)


The year in clean energy: Wind, solar and batteries grow despite economic challenges Associated Press (Kevin W)

40% of US Electricity Is Now Emissions-Free ars technica

World’s tallest wooden wind turbine starts turning BBC (David L)

Danube River floods Budapest Anadolu Agency

Dramatic flooding in Santa Cruz County as storm breaches coastline SF Gate (Kevin W)


‘Fighting spirit’: Xi Jinping reveals China’s push for global power after rare closed-door meeting on foreign policy South China Morning Post

Huawei says business ‘back on track’ despite U.S. crackdown Nikkei

China Confronts a New Political Reality in Taiwan: No Friends Wall Street Journal

Japan eyes lethal weapon exports to South-east Asia to boost regional security Straits Times

European Disunion

“Scholz is more afraid of angering the Americans than his own voters” Anti-Spiegel via machine translation (Micael T)

Far-right extremists stage rural land grab across Germany Guardian (Dr. Kevin)

Do our schools promote the democratic spirit? Nachdenkseiten via machine translation (Micael T)

IMF surcharges or surtaxes: How, in total opacity, the International Monetary Funds is making money at the expense of countries in the most precarious position CADTM (Micael T)


‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 83: Israel attacks 10 Palestinian cities in largest West Bank invasion since October 7 Mondoweiss (guurst)

Billionaires, imperialists, and antisemites: The forces behind the assault on opposition to Gaza genocide WSWS (Micael T)

Israel-Gaza war live: Hamas delegation due in Cairo to look at Egyptian ceasefire proposal Guardian


Biden Needs To Come To Israel’s – And His Own – Rescue Moon of Alabama (Kevin W)

New Not-So-Cold War

The Biden Administration Is Quietly Shifting Its Strategy in Ukraine Politico

Ukraine attacked with 158 missiles and drones, says military BBC

Scott Ritter: Maryinka’s Liberation ‘Major Victory’ for Russia Sputnik

A cargo ship picking up Ukrainian grain hits a Russian floating mine in the Black Sea, officials say Associated Press

Lavrov Warned Armenia Against Ceding Its National Security To NATO Andrew Korybko

A new Sputnik feature article worth reading on the attempted regime change operation in Belgrade these past several days Gilbert Doctorow


US base attacked in northeast Syria Almayadeen

Imperial Collapse Watch

How The Hell Did We Get Here? Caitlin Johnstone (Chuck L, Dr. Kevin)

US, Europe Likely On Track to Become ‘Failed Economies’ Sputnik. Based on interview with Michael Hudson.

The biggest foreign policy losers of 2023 Responsible Statescraft


Against Immunity for Trump Wall Street Journal (David L)

Colorado puts Trump back on 2024 GOP primary ballot while ruling is appealed New York Post


Why ‘Bidenomics’ is falling flat with voters The Hill

GOP Clown Car

Haley’s Civil War remarks stir backlash at crucial moment for campaign The Hill. Lambert covered yesterday in Water Cooler but fallout continues.


Blinken Meets With Mexico’s President About Surge in Migration at the Border New York Times (Kevin W)

New York City, Denver, Chicago attempt to clamp down on migrant busings with ordinances Axios (furzy)

Exclusive: DOJ threatens lawsuit if Texas enforces new border security law Houston Chronicle

Our No Longer Free Press


New York Times Sues Microsoft and OpenAI, Alleging Copyright Infringement Wall Street Journal

The New York Times Has an Edge in Suit Against OpenAI, Microsoft Bloomberg (furzy)


EU competition chief defends Artificial Intelligence Act after Macron’s attack Financial Times

OpenAI investor Vinod Khosla predicts AI will deflate the economy over the next 25 years Business Insider

Boeing urges inspections of 737 Max planes for ‘possible loose bolt’ CNBC (Kevin W)

The Bezzle

Stock market outlook: Why Roaring 20s may be back for investors, economy Business Insider (Kevin W). Do these people realize what they are saying? The 1920s did have a real economy growth impetus, as in electrification and new consumer goods, like radios. But the stock market boom was to a significant degree was the result of stock market leverage on leverage, which as Frank Partnoy described long ago in the Match King as including structures that were just like CDOs.

Class Warfare

“Reality Is Submerged in Fantasy”: The Villages Is a Boomer’s Utopia—And Demographic Time Bomb Vanity Fair (Dr. Kevin). One, I would need a lobotomy to live in a place like this. Two, separately it seems insane to live there. I see NO mention whatsoever (perhaps I missed it) as to how the residents get care when they need short term rehab or become too feeble or cognitively impaired to care for themselves.

Antidote du jour. mgl:

This is a red-crowned parrot (aka kākāriki) as seen at an enclosure at Pūkaha/Mt Bruce National Wildlife Center (Masterton, Wairarapapa, New Zealand) in 2017, clearly eating kiwifruit. They’re so cute!

And a bonus (guurst):

A different sort of bonus (Chuck L):

Yet another different sort of bonus (Chuck L):

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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