How to Find the Best Eero Wi-Fi Mesh Router for You (2024)

Using an Eero mesh system without the Eero Plus subscription limits you to a basic set of options. You can schedule Wi-Fi downtime, set up a guest network, and use your Eero as a smart home hub. That might be enough for most, but here’s what you get if you subscribe. First, it’s worth noting that Eero used to offer a two-tiered subscription. Eero Secure was $3 per month or $30 per year and included advanced security, content filtering, ad-blocking, activity insights, and VIP support. Eero Secure+ was $10 per month or $100 per year and added third-party apps 1Password (password manager), (VPN), and Malwarebytes (antivirus), as well as DDNS for remote network access. 

Select internet service providers still offer Eero Secure, but the only option for everyone else is the rebranded Eero Plus, which includes everything listed above for $10 per month or $100 per year. The subscription also now includes Internet Backup, which allows you to add secondary backup networks (alternative Wi-Fi or hotspot connections) that the system can use, should your main Wi-Fi network go down. 

Eero Plus is relatively expensive considering features like parental controls and real-time security are often provided for free by router manufacturers like Asus and Linksys. If you need the bundled apps, Eero Plus is arguably worth it, but even if it’s the only way to get the best Eero experience, it’s hard to justify such a high cost. Thankfully, in keeping with the brand ethos, everything is super easy to use, and the parental controls are among the best. Keep an eye out for the frequent discount offers. If you feel the subscription cost is too high, we suggest you choose a different mesh system

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