Your next webcam could be a Game Boy Camera

Forget your phone cameras and laptop built-ins; your next webcam could be your old Game Boy Camera. The team (sort of) bringing this peripheral into the modern age is Epilogue. The company makes the GB Operator, which lets people play original Game Boy, Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color cartridges on a current PC or a Steam Deck.

Today, Epilogue announced that it is working on an update that will make the Game Boy Camera into a webcam, but one that’s a fuzzy, lo-fi, 16 kilopixel experience. The magic happens through the Playback emulator app that powers the GB Operator.

“We now have a live feed from the Game Boy Camera, but still need to fine-tune some things and allow for configuration options,” the company said. “We wanted to share this update because it was exciting to see it finally work, and [we] can’t wait to see everyone having fun with it. It’s the worst and the best webcam you’ll ever have.”

We’ve seen adapting the Game Boy Camera before, and even of the hardware. Considering the original Game Boy is now more than , it’s amazing to see the hardware continuing to inspire strange and creative experiences.

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