Gray Zone Warfare just made landing and extracting much easier

Helicopters are like buses – there’s never one around when you need one, and then three come along at once. That’s how it’s been in Gray Zone Warfare, with landing and extracting both being afflicted by lengthy waits for transport. A new patch released today should make it a little simpler to get where you want to go – and make getting out more convenient too.

Extraction shooters like Gray Zone Warfare are built around tense shootouts, careful planning, looting, and the sheer thrill of getting out alive with all the new stuff you grabbed. Unfortunately there’s been an issue in this multiplayer game so far, with players experiencing some waits trying to get a helicopter ride out of the map. Hopefully that should be a little better now as nine new landing zones have been placed around the game area. This means when you’re traveling in or trying to get out, you’ll be facing less of a schlep to a waiting helicopter.

The flipside of this is that each game is still limited to four choppers, so you will have to wait for them to arrive in order to board and make your escape. One change is attempting to help this by displaying where each helicopter is going on the map before they get there. This should make it easier to simply catch a ride instead of having to wait for your own, as you’ll be able to see where those helicopters will touch down so you can simply make your way to the landing zone and hop aboard. With more landing zones, there should be more opportunities to grab an air taxi out of there.

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Elsewhere stability has come under the microscope with rubber-banding receiving particular attention, aiming down sights now has a sensitivity slider, and radiation is finally in the game – killing you when you approach ground zero. There’s plenty more included too, from VRAM optimization to a giant bucketload of bugfixes. Patch 0.1.2 for Gray Zone Warfare is out now and you can head over to Steam to read the full patch notes.

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