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Hulne: Shaking the rainy day blues

Published 4:55 pm Thursday, June 27, 2024

There is no arguing that this has been a rainy summer, but I’ve never let the rain keep me down.

Last weekend I had hopes of going hiking and disc golfing with my brother in the Black River Falls, Wisconsin area. I left Friday afternoon with hopes of walking the Black River State Forest under a gentle ray of sunlight, but my hopes began to sink as I watched a dark, gray cloud literally follow me from Austin to Black River Falls. About 15 minutes before I arrived at my brother’s house, a steady downpour began.

For a moment I was defeated. But when I arrived at his house my brother simply handed me an umbrella and said he was still down for the hike.

Those umbrellas were actually unnecessary as the towering trees shielded most of the pouring rain on our two-mile trek up the Castle Mound Nature Trail, which features a steep incline and plenty of rock formations. As we got closer to the top, the rain was more apparent, but it was not a nuisance. 

The view from the peak was breathtaking. There was a fog of mist rising from that ground that presented a mystical vibe as the rain drops gently fell upon us. It was a rare moment of zen in an often chaotic world.

We weren’t alone in our rain-soaked adventure either. Besides the wildlife that surrounded the trail, there was a lone hiker who was running up the hill with a smile on her face and we also witnessed a family of four basking in the awe of nature.

In the end, we were able to enjoy a scenic walk through the woods with most of the place to ourselves. I can’t complain about that.

Rainy days are like any stressor. They may get in your way, but they shouldn’t stop you from reaching your goal.

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