EcoFlow’s new solar generator is a portable powerhouse

EcoFlow just released its new Delta Pro 3 portable solar generator that can scale to power your entire home during a blackout, a van or RV’s electrical system, or a party at the beach. It can even add a few extra miles to your EV in a pinch.

The Delta Pro 3 improves upon the very capable Delta Pro I reviewed in 2022 with even more storage capacity, more powerful inputs and outputs, reduced noise, and a wider wheelbase that should make moving this 115 pound (52Kg) battery a little bit easier.

As a home backup solution, a single Delta Pro 3 (DP3) battery can scale from 4kWh of LFP capacity to 12kWh when stacking two 4kWh expansion batteries. Notably, it can power both 120V and 240V appliances with up to 4000W of output (8000W peak). That’s enough to power just about any appliance in the house, including induction ovens, cooling and heating systems, well pumps, and refrigerators. 

You can also link the DP3 units together for even more power and capacity. Three maxed-out DP3 units connected to an EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 can provide a whopping 12kW of output and 48kWh of storage. That’s enough capacity to power the average US home for about a day and half, or much longer if you’re only powering critical devices. 

It can also replace noisy (but much less expensive) diesel generators by plugging directly into your home’s circuit via an inlet box or manual transfer switch. The DP3 has an IP65 rating, so it should be protected when caught in the rain.

Off-grid power.
Image: EcoFlow

The DP3 battery can be charged in several different ways, including 1000W and 1600W solar inputs, an AC wall charger at either 1800W (120V) or 3000W (240V), a Level 2 EV charger (with adapter) at 4000W, or EcoFlow’s own Dual Fuel Generator. It can also be charged in a van, pickup, or RV when paired with EcoFlow’s Alternator Charger (800W) or very slowly from a 12V cigarette socket. It also supports multi-charging by combining a few inputs together for up to 7000W of fast charging.

Outside the home, the Delta Pro 3 can also be used to power RVs and vans. It has a TT-30R outlet, which provides 120V / 30A to power a vehicle’s entire electrical system, including heavy loads like an air conditioner and microwave. The DP3 also has a 12V / 30A Anderson port to power a rig’s low-voltage DC devices like lights, USB sockets, and portable fridge. That makes this all-in-one solution an attractive alternative to complicated multi-component van build-outs.

Boondock for longer without a noisy generator.
Image: EcoFlow

Importantly, the DP3 is very quiet, which is critical for use in small living spaces. EcoFlow claims it operates at less than 30dB when operating under 2000W thanks to improved thermal management brought over from its even higher capacity Delta Pro Ultra series. That means it should be whisper quiet when keeping your fridge, MaxxFan, and lights powered alongside your Starlink internet system.

The Delta Pro 3 is priced at $3,699 per unit, which is discounted to $3,199 today through July 23rd. The price jumps to $6,298 (or $5,498 through July 23rd) when combining a DP3 with one expansion battery. It’ll be available in Europe and the UK later in September.

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