Today’s Financial Services Market for Artists, Collectors, and Dealers

Global macroeconomic conditions, including the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on disposable income and investment decisions, and the increasing importance of emerging markets, such as China, has significant impact on the high-end art world, influencing both supply and demand[1]. Fluctuations in the stock market and other investment sectors affect the confidence and purchasing power of high-net-worth individuals and institutions.  Monetary policy decisions by central banks, particularly in the context of interest rates and inflation, can influence the attractiveness of art as an investment compared to other assets. The growing role of technology and digital platforms in art sales, create new avenues for market participation, changing the dynamics of price transparency.

The result is that, increasingly, high-end artists, art dealers, and collectors need specialized financial services to manage their unique financial, tax and business requirements and turn to their estate planning attorney, accountant or other professional for guidance. For those advisors, here’s an overview of what financial services is required by artists, collectors, and dealers as well as the top firms offering specialized financial services for the owners and creators of art.

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Tailored Financial Services for High-End Artists 

  • Holistic Financial Planning

Firms can provide a comprehensive approach to financial planning. They offer real-time portfolio monitoring through advanced web-based tools, granting artists continuous access to their financial data. This facilitates better decision-making and proactive asset management.

Artists, given the significant value of their work and the potential for financial loss, require robust risk management services. Advisors conduct comprehensive insurance policy reviews to ensure adequate coverage for commercial, personal, life, health and disability risks.

Artists frequently utilize their art collections to access liquidity without needing to sell their pieces. Firms such as, The Fine Art Group and Christie’s Art Finance offer bespoke financing solutions secured against fine art and jewelry. These loans can be used for various financial needs, including art acquisitions, business investments, or personal financial requirements.

  • Wealth Management and Asset Preservation

As artists’ wealth increases so too does the need for more specialized services, including asset management and investment planning, risk management, multi-generational wealth preservation strategies, and coordination with other professionals, such as investment managers and estate attorneys.

Advisors with profound knowledge of the art market offer valuable insights and services, such as art valuation and provenance research, market trends and investment opportunities, and assistance with buying and selling art.

  • Personalized and Confidential Service

High-profile artists often favor boutique firms or dedicated teams within larger firms that provide personalized service and ensure strict confidentiality regarding their financial matters.

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Art Dealers and Collectors

  • Expertise and Market Knowledge

Art advisors bring extensive knowledge of art history, market trends and artists’ careers, which is invaluable to collectors and dealers. They offer insights into current market dynamics, aiding clients in making informed decisions about buying, selling and managing art collections.

These firms provide a broad spectrum of services tailored to the varied needs of art collectors and dealers. Offerings include Market Analysis Reports, art identification and sourcing, detailed Artist Market reports, due diligence, negotiation and acquisition logistics, and auction bidding.

Art Advisors deliver personalized guidance aligned with the unique tastes, interests, and investment goals of their clients. They assist in defining collecting objectives, curating collections, and providing ongoing support with valuations, appraisals, and collection management strategies.

  • Access to Exclusive Opportunities

Advisors often have connections with collectors, institutions, fiduciaries, and art galleries, granting clients access to artworks and opportunities unavailable to the public. This includes private sales, exclusive gallery visits, and bespoke market research. 

These firms must excel in providing robust advocacy during intricate financial negotiations and crafting tailored marketing plans. Operating independently from galleries, auction houses, and dealers, they offer objective advice and unwavering support throughout the buying and selling process.

  • Trust and Confidentiality

High-profile clients appreciate the discretion and personalized service these firms deliver. Advisors build trust through their industry expertise, extensive connections, and steadfast commitment to their clients’ best interests.

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The intersection of art and finance is a sophisticated domain that necessitates expert guidance and tailored services. As artists, collectors, and dealers navigate this complex landscape, the specialized services offered by attorneys, accountants, and other professionals, as well as family offices, with expertise in artwork becomes invaluable. These professionals provide essential estate planning, tax planning and management services. Family Offices enhance the value and impact of these firms that provide financial services to artists, dealers, and collectors, through oversight and coordination of multiple different strategies.

If you’re an artist, collector, or dealer seeking to optimize your financial strategy and manage your art investments, consult an estate planner, accountant or other professional who knows the art market and is ready to offer personalized and comprehensive solutions that will help you achieve your financial goals while preserving and enhancing your art portfolio.


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Matthew Erskine is the Managing Partner of Erskine & Erskine(, a fourth-generation law firm based in Worcester, MA. He focuses his estate planning and trust services practice on serving business owners, professionals, individuals, families, collectors, and inheritors of significant assets. He is a regular columnist in this category for FORBES.COM and a frequent guest on financial TV.

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