Stardew Valley and Spiritfarer collide in new hotel management sim

If running a hotel is hard, I can’t imagine the day-to-day of an intergalactic bed and breakfast is much easier. There’ll be more colorful characters, sure, but now you’ve got to cater to the alien needs of your guests on top of that 6am wake-up call. With clear Studio Ghibli, Stardew Valley, and Spiritfarer inspirations, the newly announced Hotel Galactic puts you in this exact position – so I hope you’re good at poring over the books by oil lamp late at night.

With a building system similar to Spiritfarer, a colorful cast of characters akin to Stardew Valley, and a visual style that eerily resembles Spirited Away’s busy bathhouse, Hotel Galactic looks great. You’ll be making guest rooms, buying furniture and resources, and raising livestock while tending to your plants. The management game was revealed during the PC Gaming Show, and it’s one to watch.

You’ll need to cook meals for your guests, where a rogue nut allergy is the least of your worries. Traditional plants and berries combine with local cosmic produce to create myriad dishes, and you’ll need to adjust to each and every guest’s palate to make sure they have the perfect meal.

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Putting the ‘management’ in management sim, you’ll also have to hire and maintain good staff. Workers can be dragged and dropped to take food orders, resolve petty squabbles from across the universe, or just clean up messes. Noisy hotel guests will be the smallest of your problems though, as the Hotel Galactic trailer ends with a rather ominous-looking villain (I assume he’s villainous at least, he’s got that look) watching on – he’d better not mess with the shift rota or there’ll be hell to pay.

There’s no release date for Hotel Galactic just yet, but you can wishlist it on Steam or get involved with the Kickstarter campaign right now.

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