Trip Tunes Uses AI to Help You Make the Perfect Playlist for a Summer Roadtrip

The fun new app uses AI to help you make a mixtape perfect for your trip. To begin, you’ll select where you’re starting, a final destination, the vibe, and trip type. You can also pick specific genres you like.

Using an Apple Music subscription, the app will then create a playlist that you can edit or completely delete. When done, you can save it and open in Apple Music. The playlist can also be shared with others.

Without an Apple Music subscription, you can rest locally saved playlists and preview songs.

The app features an throwback 80s mixtape vibe.

I tried making a few playlists for my upcoming summer trips, and really enjoyed the results. Along with some songs I know and love, it also found some unique deep cuts from local artists.

Trip Tunes is a free download for the iPhone. Each bank tape in the app allows you to create a single playlist with up to 30 songs. You’ll get three free for trying out the app. You can purchase additional tapes in the app with an in app-purchase of 5 for $1, 15 for $2, and 30 for $3.

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