Terraria meets Don’t Starve in new fantasy roguelike you can play now

If there’s anything likely to turn heads in the indie PC games space, it’s the opportunity to customize. Whether that customization is made available through the character creation of an RPG game like Baldur’s Gate 3 or the building features of something like Palworld, players always seem to gravitate to games that let them express themselves. This certainly seems to be one of the big hooks of Rogue Night, an upcoming survival game and roguelike hybrid that’s set to come out sometime this year, and has made a demo available for players to try out now.

Rogue Night, as its title suggests, is a roguelike game with a distinctive pixel art style currently being made by indie studio Grey November Games. Its Steam page describes it as “a survival / builder roguelike that takes place in a fantasy zombie apocalypse,” which just about sums it up.

Players set out into a desolated kingdom controlled by an evil lich and split their time between spending the daytime exploring the landscape to collect resources and the nighttime building up ways to defend their headquarters from attacks by murderous zombies. While trying to save the kingdom, the player needs to try to survive personally while also rescuing other characters who can help them by providing resources.

Each run can be played through as one of three different character classes that’s customized further as the player explores and fights. Collecting the decapitated heads of zombies provides permanent upgrades that carry over even after defeat as well, helping the player gain an advantage against the lich they must eventually overthrow.

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You can try Rogue Night out for yourself by downloading its free demo on Steam right here.

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