Ubisoft’s best game in years getting a free permadeath mode and more

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown is going to be one of 2024’s biggest surprise hits. I loved what it brought to the Metroidvania genre when I reviewed it, and I was ecstatic to hear it would be getting a load of free DLC. So the great news is we’ve now got the post-release roadmap for the game, as the team behind Rayman Origins and Legends games has a lot more in store for protagonist Sargon.

After we learned that the Metroidvania game was getting a load of free updates, we finally know exactly what to expect from the future of Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. While a lot of the free stuff is incredibly welcome, I’m most excited for some story DLC later this year, which appears as though it’ll be a premium release.

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown roadmap

In March 2024 we can expect a speedun mode, permadeath mode, and four new cosmetic outfits for Sargon. Then in spring we’re getting even more outfits and a Boss Rush mode, with summer bringing a slew of combat, platform, and puzzle challenges alongside some amulets and even more outfits. All of this will be free.

The story DLC, which we still don’t know anything about yet, doesn’t have the roadmap’s same ‘free’ label, and is slated to arrive “later in 2024” – likely in the latter half of the year at least if the dated roadmap is anything to go by.

With the platforming some of the best I’ve ever played, you bet some more tough challenges will go down well.

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If you’re diving into The Lost Crown now, you’ll want to be up to date on all the Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Spirited Sand Jar locations and the Moon Gatherer locations too, if you want to 100% your run.

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