Discover The Artistic Crazy Wonderland of the Glass Outhouse Gallery

Tucked away between Joshua Tree National Park and the Cleghorn Lakes Wilderness area, the Glass Outhouse Art Gallery (GOA) stands as a beacon of creativity and eccentricity in the heart of the desert. A haven for art collectors seeking unique and off-the-grid collecting experiences. GOA Gallery offers an immersive experience unlike any other. Visitors are immediately greeted by a diverse array of indoor and outdoor installations that defy convention, after entering this artistic oasis. The highlights are the infamous glass outhouse and one of the smallest wedding chapels.  Both set the tone for the gallery’s offbeat charm.


The Glass Outhouse Art Gallery is a nonprofit organization created by Laurel Siedl. The gallery opened its doors in September 2009. Laurel refurbished a building where she raised rabbits into an art gallery. The place is now transformed into spaces that feature artists from all over the country. Laurel’s passion for art is palpable in every corner of this unconventional space. Meeting her is akin to stepping into the mind behind the madness, an experience that leaves a lasting impression on all who visit.

The Glass Outhouse Art Gallery stands out not only for its unique setting in the desert but also for its commitment to showcasing emerging artists and promoting the culture of art collecting. Collecting art has long been a passion for many individuals, ranging from seasoned collectors seeking to expand their portfolios to novices eager to start their art collections. The gallery provides a welcoming environment for both seasoned collectors and new enthusiasts, offering a diverse selection of artworks that cater to varying tastes and preferences. Art collecting is not just about acquiring pieces; it is a deeply personal and enriching experience that allows individuals to connect with the stories behind each artwork, the emotions they evoke, and the artists who created them. The Glass Outhouse Art Gallery recognizes the significance of this connection and aims to foster a sense of community among art collectors, artists, and visitors alike. It is located at 77575 Highway 62 Twentynine Palms, CA 92277.


The gallery itself is a mix of trailers and structures housing two galleries and eight rooms brimming with collections of artwork. From sculptures and assemblages that seem to emerge from the earth to original oil paintings and crafted works, GOA showcases a medley of artistic expressions that push boundaries and spark intrigue. If you are visiting the desert during the hot months, this is a good place to enjoy the indoor, air-conditioned trailer galleries. If you are unsure if you have arrived, look out for glimpses of the tall Pepsi Can from the highway before you turn off the main road.

The artwork is both whimsical and professional and is on full display in each gallery. The eclectic energy of the gallery creates a vibrant atmosphere where creativity thrives and boundaries blur. When I visited GOA I was lucky enough to view the work of Suzanne Ross.  Her pieces beckon viewers with their symbolic allure. Like a moth drawn to the flame, you will also be drawn into each room of the GOA gallery while you meander the rock-enclosed trails around each structure. In addition to the visual feast of artworks, visitors to GOA can also enjoy live performances by local bands on some occasions, adding a dynamic layer of entertainment to their artistic exploration.


The surrounding 29 Palms desert landscape provides a serene backdrop for contemplation and inspiration. The vast expanse of the desert, with its rugged terrain and stark beauty, has long been a source of fascination for artists seeking to capture its essence in their works. The Glass Outhouse Art Gallery serves as a bridge between the natural landscape and the world of art, merging the two in a harmonious union that enriches the creative experience for artists and visitors alike. As visitors explore the gallery and immerse themselves in the diverse artworks on display, they are invited to embark on a journey of discovery and appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the artistic world.

TheDANCE_boulders, mountains, and trails

TheDANCE_boulders, mountains, and trails


Looking ahead, Sherri Scott Studios will exhibit at GOA with TheDANCE collection in March, offering a glimpse into the artist’s unique vision. TheDANCE_boulders, mountains, and trails is a vibrant piece that captures the essence of the desert landscape in a symphony of colors and shapes. Each element in the painting, from the resolute boulders to the majestic mountains and meandering trails, invites viewers on a visual journey filled with vitality, grandeur, and rhythm. The artwork celebrates life’s diverse dances and serves as a testament to the enchanting spirit of GOA Gallery.

TheDANCE at MoonLight (left) and The DANCE Mambo (right)

For art collectors seeking to venture off the beaten path and discover a world where creativity knows no bounds, Glass Outhouse Art Gallery is a destination like no other. Immerse yourself in the magic of GOA and experience the thrill of uncovering hidden treasures in the desert’s artistic wonderland. Look up, look down, and wherever you step, you may see some artwork. Take some photos and share your crazy finds! The desert landscape and community never disappoint when you are looking for adventures!


Lunch: Founded in 2015 by chef Everton Gordon, Kitchen in the Desert is a Caribbean and New American restaurant and bar in Twentynine Palms, CA. Locally owned and run, KITD serves up the best family-style dishes in a tropical desert oasis setting. Combining organic ingredients with heritage spice recipes, KITD has become the premier spot for elevated dining in 29 Palms.

Visit the Historic 29 Palms Gallery: This gallery opened in 1963 in a historic adobe built in 1936 by the Stubbs brothers for western author Tom J. Hopkins. Twentynine Palms Artists’ Guild is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that owns and operates the 29 Palms Art Gallery. Don’t forget to visit the gift shop as well for unique artistic finds! If you are traveling, there are easy-to-carry prints available to purchase in the Gallery and Gift Shop as well.

For more outdoor installations, visit Desert X locations: Desert X is produced by The Desert Biennial, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded in California, conceived to produce recurring international contemporary art exhibitions that activate desert locations through site-specific installations. Its purpose is to present public exhibitions of art that respond meaningfully to the conditions of desert locations, the environment, and indigenous communities; promoting cultural exchange and education programs that foster dialogue and understanding among cultures and communities about shared artistic, historical, and societal issues; and provide an accessible platform for artists from around the world to address ecological, cultural, spiritual, and other existential themes.

End your day with drinks and music poolside at the famous 29 Palms Inn: The Inn is a popular destination for creatives, writers, artists, and amateur/professional photographers, so bring your camera.  I also recommend staying at this unique property in one of their casitas or at one of their retreat events. Make sure you also visit the boathouse on the pond.

Enjoy Sherri Scott Studios: After immersing herself in the action sports design world for several years, Sherri Scott is now embarking on an exciting artistic adventure.  Driven by a deep passion for the arts, she enjoys experimenting with traditional and contemporary media in her paintings.  Inspired by her exploration of the outdoors, she finds inspiration in the picturesque landscapes and the captivating elements of land and sea.  A versatile artist and designer, with a strong background in designing for brands including her successful apparel line, she brings a unique perspective to her designs.  Her technical design skills and creative vision blend seamlessly to create her work.  Today her deep appreciation shines through in her artwork, she continues to push boundaries and explore new artistic horizons.


About the author:

Sherri Smith spends time painting between two cities: Solana Beach and Yucca Valley in her studio in a hangar at the Yucca Valley Airport. The influence of these locations inspires her artwork in land + sea + desert + horizons. Exhibitions: Joshua Tree National Park Association, 29 Palms Gallery, Laguna Art Gallery, Santa Barbara CAW, Las Lagunas, Off The Track and OMA [Oceanside Museum of Art]. 

Upcoming project in 2024: Yucca Valley public art project and exhibitions at the new Hi-Desert Artist gallery. Please visit her websites to view artwork at and Social: @sherriscottstudios, @yuccavalleylandings

Learn More:,,,, and

All images courtesy of Sherri Smith.

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