Last Epoch server status and error codes


What is the Last Epoch server status? Chances are that you’re looking at this guide because there’s an issue you’re running into while attempting to play online. You’ve probably seen one of the Last Epoch error codes, such as LE-61, and wondered what it means.

We’ll keep an eye on the Last Epoch server status for now, as it seems somewhat volatile with all the new players playing the RPG game for the first time. While you’re here, we have other troubleshooting guides available if you need them; we recommend our Last Epoch best settings guide to make it run as smoothly as possible on your rig or the Last Epoch system requirements to see if you need an upgrade.

Last Epoch server status: the player is experiencing error code LE-65.

Last Epoch server status

As of February 24, 2024, Last Epoch is currently experiencing sporadic technical hiccups. While servers are more stable, players are experiencing longer than usual load times and the appearance of error codes LE-61 and LE-65, which indicates that the issue is that “Online play [is] unavailable”.

Last Epoch maintenance is taking place on Saturday February 24 beginning at 8am PST / 11am EST / 4pm GMT. Eleventh Hour says, “We are starting to spin up new infrastructure to handle increased traffic. We expect this will result in some services becoming temporarily unavailable. We’ll keep you all posted.”

Thankfully, when the online modes are affected, Last Epoch offline mode won’t be affected, so you can at least play the game. The only issue is that offline characters are entirely separate from those playing online, and you can’t currently switch between them.

If you don’t see LE-61, that likely means there’s another issue impacting either the Last Epoch servers or your connection to them. We’re currently cataloging all the Last Epoch error codes below so you can see what the issue is at a glance and if there is anything you can do to resolve them.

Last Epoch server status: the player is about to squish some bugs.

Last Epoch error codes

Here are all the known Last Epoch error codes:

  • LE-13: This means a patch is or is about to be deployed. Your best bet is to wait until the new patch goes live.
  • LE-51: This appears to be a save compatibility issue with those using older saves. There’s a fix, but given how much the game has changed since 2019, it’s probably better to start anew.
  • LE-61: Online play is unavailable. This is likely due to servers overloaded with many players trying to join simultaneously. We recommend either playing offline or waiting until the traffic calms down.
  • LE-65: Failed to connect with Game Server. This is also likely to do with the number of people trying to play the game on the chosen server. We recommend either switching servers or waiting until the server traffic eases.

Now you know the current Last Epoch server status, you can either head into the game if it’s live or read up on it if it’s down. We recommend checking which are the best Last Epoch classes to play for the first few hours, which are the best Last Epoch builds, or perhaps learning how Last Epoch crafting or Last Epoch loot filters work would be a better use of your free time.

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